New Official Game Mats

August 8th, 2010

Two new Game Mat prizes have recently become available, and lots of competitors are racing to get their copies at GenCon this weekend.

The first is the new Win-A-Mat, featuring Akiza & Black Rose Dragon, from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s. This is the fourth in this Win-A-Mat series, following Yusei, Jack, and Crow.

Akiza Mat


The other new mat is the latest quarterly 2011 Regional Qualifier Game Mat. This Game Mat has a Synchron theme and features three of Yusei’s Synchro Monsters: Junk Destroyer, Junk Archer, and Drill Warrior!

Junk Mat


Several official judges are also showing off the Inti & Quilla Judge Mat. This is given away as a special thank-you item to all those judges that make tournaments possible!

Judge Mat


There was also a special prize for the 3-player Team Duels this weekend: a mounted 3×3 grid of uncut, right-off-the-presses Secret Rares from The Shining Darkness:

3 Player Team Prize