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QQ: Favorite Underrated Deck

August 8th, 2010

There’s just a few weeks left before the Advanced Format Forbidden & Limited Cards list changes on September 1st, and a number of ambitious Duelists were straying from the beaten path this weekend. While many competitors ran X-Saber, Infernity, Gladiator Beast, Blackwing, or Frog Monarch Decks, lots of attendees in today’s tournament played something else, trying to innovate to defeat the popular strategies. We asked a sampling of today’s Duelists what their favorite underrated Deck was, and got some surprising answers.

“Watts! Since I’m playing them today.”-Justin Chiaino

“Is Infernity underrated? I think it’s underrated!”-Lazaro Bellido

“Lightsworn Monarchs.”-Jarel Winston

“Probably Zombies. I’m playing them here today, and they can explode from the Graveyard. There’s not much people can do at this point, because they don’t Side Deck for them.”-Patrick Achramovitch

“Gravekeepers! Because it can use Spies to get a clear field, and then have Doomcaliber Knight as a backup. Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo can clear the field and then make easy followups.”-Brenden Beckmann

“Quickdraw. When I played it, it was really my kind of Deck. It was an explosive control Deck. I like games that go longer than just first turn, and Quickdraw was a nice balance of speed and control.”-Rob Cedar

“I’d say Stun [Anti-Meta Beatdown]. I’ve been running it for the past 2-3 months, and it works really well. It hates on everything.”-Anthony Meier

“Frogs! Wait, underrated? Machines. Wait! Can I say Exodia? Exodia! I have a good Exodia Deck!”-Danny Rose

“I guess Heralds? Because if you get Turn 1 Herald of Perfection and Archlord Kristya out you’re almost guaranteed the win.”-Daniel Farina

Alot of Duelists took their shot at greatness today with an original strategy (or at least one that was under the radar of most competitors). Of the Decks named here by our QQ interviewees, “Stun”/anti-meta (a Beatdown Deck with Thunder King Rai-Oh, Doomcaliber Knight, and Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo) did the best as far as Day 2 seats were concerned, with 2 spots in the Top 16. Gravekeepers took 1 spot as well.