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Round 1 Feature Match: Cainan Potts vs. James Ribis

August 7th, 2010

James Ribis is playing one of the most talked-about Decks in today’s competition, a high-Level Fairy Deck packing cards like Darklord Zerato, Dark Voltanis, Archlord Kristya, and Tethys, Goddess of Light. His strategy? Draw countless cards with Tethys’ ability, and swarm the opponent with Special Summons. His opponent is Cainan Potts, a Machina Geartown Duelist.

Potts got us started by Setting a Spell or Trap Card, then Summoned Machina Gearframe, and searched his Deck for Machina Fortress. He activated Geartown to finish out his first turn of the day.

Ribis had a hand of Archlord Kristya, Guardian Eatos, Trade-In, Honest, Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, and Dark Voltanis. He decided to forego his Eatos to activate Valhalla, then used its effect to Special Summon Archlord Kristya. (Potts couldn’t negate the Summon with his face-down Solemn Judgment, since Valhalla’s Special Summon is an effect.) Ribis discarded Dark Voltanis for Trade-In, drawing Hand Destruction and Hecatrice. He discarded Hecatrice to use its effect, got another Valhalla from his Deck, and attacked Gearframe with Kristya, hammering home 1000 Battle Damage.

Potts took control of Kristya with Brain Control, then used Geartown to Tribute Summon Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon, sending Kristya back to the top of Ribis’ Deck. Potts then Set another Geartown, destroying his first, and Special Summoning a second Gadjiltron Dragon! Both Dragons attacked, and suddenly Ribis was down to 2000 Life Points.

Ribis drew his Kristya again, and activated Hand Destruction, discarding Eatos and Valhalla to draw another Kristya and Darklord Zerato. He only had 3 Fairies in his Graveyard. That wasn’t enough for Kristya’s Special Summon, so he brought it out with Valhalla instead.

Potts Normal Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh, attacked with Gadjiltron Dragon, and Ribis activated Honest’s effect, destroying Gadjiltron Dragon and dishing out 2800 Battle Damage to survive the turn.

Ribis drew another Darklord Zerato. Kristya attacked Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Potts had 2500 Life Points remaining.

Potts Summoned Breaker the Magical Warrior, and that was all he needed for the win. He activated Breaker’s effect, destroying Valhalla, and attacked with Gadjiltron Dragon. Kristya was destroyed, Ribis took 200 damage, and Kristya was bounced back to the top of Ribis’ Deck again. Breaker attacked for 1600 Damage.

Ribis drew Kristya again, and could Special Summon it, but this time the Summon was negated by Potts’ Solemn Judgment. Kristya hit the Graveyard (its effect couldn’t return it to the Deck in this situation), Ribis now had 5 Fairies, and couldn’t Special Summon his second Kristya. He conceded, knowing it was over.

A promising start for James Ribis’ Fairy Deck, but 2 Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragons were just too much to overcome, as Breaker the Magical Warrior ends the first Duel! No Tethys in sight for Ribis.

“I haven’t seen Breaker played in a Deck in 3 years,” remarked Ribis.

“Yeah, I was looking for another way to destroy Geartown,” replied Cainan. It had served him well, keeping Ribis from bringing out Darklord Zerato to wipe the field.

Cainan Potts

Ribis opened Duel 2 with Pot of Avarice, 2 Darklord Zeratoes, Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, Herald of Orange Light, and Guardian Eatos. He activated Valhalla, Special Summoned Darklord Zerato with it, and then Special Summoned Guardian Eatos.

Potts activated Terraforming, getting Geartown from his Deck. He activated it, then activated Heavy Storm, destroying his Geartown and Ribis’ Valhalla. He Special Summoned Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon from his Deck, Set 2 cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, and attacked over Darklord Zerato to destroy it.

Ribis drew Honest. He turned Eatos to Defense Position and ended, now just trying to survive.

Potts Summoned Thunder King Rai-Oh, attacked Eatos with Gadjiltron Dragon, and made a direct attack with Thunder King.

Ribis drew Magical Mallet. He activated it, shuffling back all 4 of his cards to draw an entirely new hand! He got 2 Pots of Avarice, Archlord Kristya, and Trade-In, then discarded Kristya to draw 2 more cards with Trade-In. This time he drew Darklord Zerato and Hand Destruction. He activated Hand Destruction, discarded Pot of Avarice and Zerato, and drew Mallet and Trade-In. He played Mallet again, shuffled back both of his cards, and drew Kristya and Dark Voltanis! He Special summoned Kristya, but Potts activated his face-down Royal Oppression! Ribis immediately conceded.

Ribis’ draws just don’t seem to come together, and Cainan Potts brings out Gadjiltron Dragon after Gadjiltron Dragon to take the Match!

James Ribis