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Round 4 Feature Match: Chris Calton vs. Brandon Miotke

August 7th, 2010

Brandon Miotke has won several Dragon Duel tournaments, and has received plenty of Feature Matches as a result, but today is his first YCS Feature Match! Today we’ll see him Duel against Chris Calton in an X-Saber mirror match. Like his father before him at YCS Chicago, Miotke is playing a Deck that’s teched with Saber Slash and XX-Saber Emmersblades.

Miotke opened the Match with a hand of Mystical Space Typhoon, 2 Saber Slashes, XX-Saber Emmersblade, Torrential Tribute, and X-Saber Airbellum. He Set Emmersblade, Set Mystical Space Typhoon, Set Torrential Tribute, and ended.

Calton activated Mystical Space Typhoon, destroying Miotke’s Torrential Tribute. He Summoned Doomcaliber Knight, attacked Emmersblade, and both monsters were sent to the Graveyard due to Doomcaliber Knight’s effect. Calton Set Torrential Tribute and lost it to Miotke’s own Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.

Miotke drew XX-Saber Boggart Knight, and Normal Summoned it to Special Summon X-Saber Airbellum. Airbellum attacked to force Calton to discard Gravekeeper’s Spy, then Boggart Knight made a direct attack for 1900 Battle Damage. Miotke ended, with Calton down to 4500 Life Points.

Calton activated Brain Control, took Boggart Knight, and Summoned his own Airbellum. Boggart Knight attacked Miotke’s Airbellum, Calton’s made a direct attack, and Miotke discarded one of his two Saber Slashes. Calton Set a Spell or Trap and Synchro Summoned X-Saber Urbellum.

Miotke drew and Summoned Emmersblade, detroyed Urbellum with Saber Slash, and attacked into Dimensional Prison! Both Duelists were now topdecking.

Calton drew and Set a card to his back row.

Miotke drew and Set a monster.

Calton drew and Set a card to his back row.

Miotke drew Mind Control, took Calton’s face-down Snowman Eater, and Flip Summoned it to destroy itself.

Calton drew Pot of Avarice. He activated it, sending Snowman Eater, X-Saber Airbellum, Gravekeeper’s Spy, Doomcaliber Knight, and X-Saber Urbellum back to his Deck to draw 2 cards. He Set a monster.

Miotke drew and Set Mind Crush.

Calton Set another monster.

Miotke drew Rescue Cat, tried to Summon it, but lost it to Solemn Judgment.

Calton Flip Summoned Snowman Eater, destroying Miotke’s Set XX-Saber Darksoul. He Flip Summoned Airbellum, attacked with his monsters, and Synchro Summoned Goyo Guardian in Main Phase 2. He Set 1 card to his back row and ended, leaving Miotke to search out Emmersblade in the End Phase.

Miotke drew Boggart Knight, and Set Emmersblade.

Calton attacked Emmersblade with Goyo Guardian, chose not to Special Summon it, and Miotke Special Summoned XX-Saber Ragigura. He used its effect to return Emmersblade to his hand. Calton Set another monster.

Miotke drew XX-Saber Faultroll! He Summoned Boggart Knight, Special Summoned XX-Saber Emmersblade, and then Special Summoned Faultroll! He activated its effect, Special Summoned Airbellum, and Tuned it to Ragigura to Synchro Summon Armory Arm. He attached Armory Arm to Faultroll and ended, not wanting to attack while Calton had that card Set in his back row.

But Calton Flip Summoned Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter next turn, destroying Faultroll and taking Armory Arm with it! He Tuned Airbellum to Ryko, Synchro Summoned Ally of Justice Catastor, and attacked. Catastor destroyed Emmersblade with its effect, and Goyo Guardian attacked, destroyed, and Special Summoned Boggart Knight. He Set another card to his back row.

Miotke drew and Set GottomsEmergency Call.

Calton attacked with Goyo Guardian and Miotke activated Gottoms’ Emergency Call: Calton Chained Royal Oppression, and Miotke politely conceded before going for his Side Deck.

The first Duel is hard-fought on both sides, but Chris Calton fights back through a topdecking war to take the first win!

Chris Calton

Miotke opened with XX-Saber Fulhelmknight, Divine Wrath, Solemn Judgment, Heavy Storm, Torrential Tribute, and Mystical Space Typhoon. He Summoned Fulhelmknight, Set Divine Wrath, Set Solemn Judgment, and ended.

Calton Set a monster, and Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Miotke destroyed Calton’s Set Bottomless Trap Hole with Space Typhoon next turn, then Set Torrential Tribute.

Calton Set another monster.

Miotke drew Trap Stun, adding it to his hand of Heavy Storm and XX-Saber Ragigura. He Set Trap Stun.

Calton Set a third monster.

Miotke drew X-Saber Airbellum. Fulhelmknight attacked into Calton’s Set Gravekeeper’s Spy, and Miotke Chained Divine Wrath, discarding Airbellum to negate Spy’s effect and destroy it! He Normal Summoned Ragigura in Main Phase 2 to get Airbellum back.

Calton activated Heavy Storm, and Miotke negated it with Solemn Judgment. Calton Flip Summoned Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, sending Airbellum, another Ryko, and Book of Moon to the Graveyard, but Miotke Chained Ryko’s target, Torrential Tribute, to clear the field. Calton lost his Set Snowman Eater and had 4 cards left. He Normal Summoned Rescue Cat, sent it to the Graveyard, and Special Summoned Airbellum and Darksoul. Both monsters made direct attacks, and Miotke had to discard his Airbellum. Calton then Synchro Summoned Goyo Guardian to finish his turn. He forgot to search for Darksoul’s effect.

Miotke drew XX-Saber Darksoul himself and Set it.

Calton Summoned Doomcaliber Knight, and Miotke revealed his Set Darksoul, immediately offering a second concession – this one for the Match.

Chris Calton defeats veteran Dragon Duelist Brandon Miotke, and moves on undefeated!

Brandon Miotke