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Deck Profile: Jonny Nagel’s Super Solar Naturia Deck

September 25th, 2010

Jonny Nagel’s Super Solar Naturia Deck uses the Continuous Spell Card, Super Solar Nutrient, to trade his weakest Plant-Type monsters for stronger ones. Nagel can use Super Solar Nutrient to Tribute Naturia Pineapple, Fluff Tokens, Naturia Vein, or Spore and Special Summon Lonefire Blossom from his Deck. Then he can Tribute Lonefire Blossom to grab whichever Plant-Type monster he needs, including Naturia Pineapple and Tytannial, Princess of Camellias. Ultimately, Nagel aims to win by Tributing his Pineapple to Summon Naturia Bamboo Shoot and lock down his opponent’s plays, while he protects his Bamboo Shoot with an abundance of his own Trap Cards. You can read about Nagel’s Deck in action in the Round 1 Feature Match.

Jonny Nagel’s Super-Solar Naturia Deck


3 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter

2 Naturia Pineapple

3 Naturia Bamboo Shoot

2 Lonefire Blossom

2 Dandylion

1 Tytannial, Princess of Camellias

1 Gigaplant

1 Bazoo the Soul Eater

1 Spore

1 Snyffus

1 Naturia Vein



1 Monster Reborn

1 Dark Hole

1 Pot of Avarice

1 Charge of the Light Brigade

2 Mystical Space Typhoon

1 One for One

1 Foolish Burial

1 Gold Sarcophagus

3 Super Solar Nutrient


Traps: 11

2 Solemn Warning

1 Solemn Judgment

1 Dark Bribe

1 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast

1 Return from the Different Dimension

1 Call of the Haunted

1 Mirror Force

1 Torrential Tribute

2 Bottomless Trap Hole

Nagel tries to get Naturia Pineapple onto the field or into the Graveyard as quickly as possible. He uses Super Solar Nutrient and Lonefire Blossom to Special Summon it to the field, as well as Charge of the Light Brigade and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter to get it into the Graveyard where he can revive it. Once Nagel gets Pineapple into play, he can Tribute it for Naturia Bamboo Shoot to shut down half of his opponent’s Deck by preventing his opponent from activating Spell or Trap Cards.

With Naturia Bamboo Shoot on the field, Nagel just needs to protect it until he wins. He’s running Bottomless Trap Hole, Mirror Force, Phoenix Wing Wind Blast, Solemn Judgment, and Solemn Warning to do so. If a Duelist can’t get Nagel’s Bamboo Shoot off of the field, the Duel becomes hopeless for that opponent.

Nagel’s Deck also uses Gigaplant more efficiently than most Plant Decks. If Nagel can Special Summon Naturia Pineapple from his Graveyard during his Standby Phase and then Tribute it with Super Solar Nutrient, he can Special Summon Gigaplant from his Deck without using up his Normal Summon for the turn. He can fetch a Lonefire Blossom with the effect of the Nutrient and then Tribute it to Special Summon Gigaplant. That lets him Normal Summon Gigaplant in the same turn, and activate its Gemini effect to Special Summon Lonefire Blossom back from the field. Since he can Tribute Lonefire Blossom to Special Summon a monster with as much as 2800 ATK (Tytannial), Nagel can load the field with a lot of ATK in a single turn.

Nagel also uses Return from the Different Dimension in his Deck. While he can remove his monsters from the game with Bazoo the Soul Eater, Spore, and Gold Sarcophagus in order to bring his monsters back with Return, it’s also safe for him to rely on his opponents to remove his monsters from the game. With the high popularity of Bottomless Trap Hole and Dimensional Prison, Nagel will frequently find his strongest monsters, like Tytannial, removed from the game. That turns Return from the Different Dimension into a frequent OTK.

Nagel’s Deck is capable of powerful OTKs, but also geared towards the long game since it can lock an opponent out of the Duel with Naturia Bamboo Shoot. Nagel has had a good run today with a solid shot at making it to Day 2. Will he and his Bamboo Shoots be able to make it to the Top 32? We’ll find out tomorrow!

Jonny Nagel - Deck Profile