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End of Day 1 in San Jose + Egyptian God Card QQ

September 25th, 2010

That wraps up the action for Day One of YCS San Jose. The final 2 rounds of Swiss Pair play will happen on Sunday, along with the single elimination final rounds.

Since the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME Legendary Collection will be released on October 5th, and Duelists everywhere will be able to their hands on their favorite Egyptian God Cards, we decided to poll the field at the end of the day.

Which Egyptian God Card is the most popular here in San Jose? Are the Duelists here fans of Yugi’s Slifer the Sky Dragon, Kaiba’s Obelisk the Tormentor, or Marik’s The Winged Dragon of Ra? Take a look at some of the responses that competitors gave.

The Winged Dragon of Ra. It’s the strongest one. It has like 50 effects, and they’re all hidden.” –Ricardo Rangel

“Of course, Obelisk the Torementor. It looks awesome.” –Chris Mooseman

Slifer the Sky Dragon. It’s awesome!” –Brian Miramontes

“Slifer. The second mouth ability and the whole cards in your hand thing is cool.” –Ryan Clark

“Obelisk. It doesn’t have wings, so it’s different than the other 2 God Cards.” –Hooman Farahbakhsh

“Obelisk. He’s strong.” –Josh Wray

“Obelisk. It’s blue.” –Dominic Estrella

“Obelisk, because it’s Kaiba’s.” –Steven Weigelt

“Ra. It’s Marik’s and Yugi’s.” –Nicole Weigelt

“Obelisk, because it has a fixed number of ATK.” –Jack Hoyt

“Ra. You can pay all of your Life Points and kill everything.” –Andrew Taylor

“Ra. Isn’t he supposed to be the best one?” –Mitchell Nguyen

Slifer the Sky Dragon! He’s the coolest looking one.” –Rob Boyajiam

“Obelisk, because Kaiba used it.” –Ryan Vanderbrug

Opinion seems pretty split! But to name any of the three Egyptian God Cards as your favorite is certain to invite the wrath of the other two, so hopefully all of these Duelists will be protected by their own Egyptian God Cards.