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QQ: What About the New F&L List?

September 25th, 2010

The September 1st Forbidden & Limited Cards List is in effect, and Duelists are still getting used to it. I asked a bunch of this weekend’s competitors what their favorite changes to the List were. Check out their responses.

Rescue Cat and Substitoad getting Forbidden. I’m pretty sure everyone’s favorite is Substitoad getting Forbidden.” –Ricardo Rangel

Brain Control being Forbidden. I hate that card. Lost to it so many times on topdeck.” –Chris Mooseman

Monster Reborn and Dark Hole getting Limited. It’s like back in the old days.” –Brian Miramontes

Monster Reborn and Royal Oppression being Limited. Royal Oppression is too hard at 2. Oh yeah, I’m happy about having no Heavy Storm, too.” –Ryan Clark

Rescue Cat being Forbidden, for sure.” –Hooman Farahbakhsh

“Making Black Rose Dragon Unlimited.” –Josh Wray

Heavy Storm getting Forbidden. It helps out a lot of Decks that need back rows, like GBs and Blackwings.” –Dominic Estrella

Treeborn Frog at 3. It helps my Deck.” –Steven Weigelt

Dark Hole coming back. Bam!” –Nicole Weigelt

Heavy Storm being Forbidden. Now people Set 4 back rows.” –Jack Hoyt

Rescue Cat getting Forbidden.” –Mitchell Nguyen

Monster Reborn coming back. It puts a lot more skill in mirror-matches.” –Rob Boyajiam

“They brought back Dark Hole. It’s funny.” –Ryan Vanderbrug