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QQ: What cards from Duelist Revolution are you playing?

September 5th, 2010

This wasn’t just the first YCS under the new Forbidden and Limited Cards list, it was also the first YCS where Duelist Revolution cards were legal. So we asked: “What cards from Duelist Revolution are you playing in YOUR Deck?”

David Bui: “Scrap Dragon, absolutely vital to your Extra Deck now. We finally have an easy to make Level 8 Synchro that actually destroys cards.”

Don Ferguson: “Scrap Archfiend and Solemn Warning, a vital card to your Extra Deck and a card that gives you absolute field control.”

Michael Sylvester-Wong: “Scrap Dragon and Solemn Warning because Scrap Dragon is just awesome and Solemn Warning is what Royal Oppression wants to be.”

Kareem O’Brien: “Stygian Street Patrol and Pot of Duality. Without Street Patrol, [my] Infernity Deck [wouldn’t work].”

David Greenspan: “Solemn Warning, it’s absolutely broken, most games I start with it I win.”

Robert Scott: “I love the Effect Veiler, it’s my favorite new card.”

Aaron Noel: “Effect Veiler, because I love having it when my opponent tries to use Caius, and its great protection under Cold Wave.”

Mark Ramos: “Solemn Warning and Effect Veiler because they both really help stop [massive assaults] from X-Sabers.”

Balihar Mangat: “Two Solemn Warnings in Gladiators, because they replace the two Solemn Judgments I can’t run. Stopping Synchro Summons is key.”

Jesse Jackson: Pot of Duality, it makes my X-Saber Deck much more consistent. It helps me grab Faultroll and other cards I need to help set up my big plays next turn.”