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QQ: What’s your secret tech?

September 5th, 2010

Quick Questions: What’s Your Secret Tech?

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  It’s tradition now: we hit the tournament floor to ask a spread of competitors what the one card was that set their Deck apart, and took their opponents by surprise!  Here were some of the answers, when we asked the Quick Queston: “What’s YOUR secret tech?”

Blaze Accelerator.  I’m using Volcanic Shell in Quickdraw, mostly to set up easy Pot of Avarices, but it works really  well with Accelerator, too.”-Vincent Tundo

“My Secret Tech for the day…?  It’s not really secret, but Phantom of Chaos.  I played Lightsworn: it’s an awesome card, underrated I’d say.  I get to play three Judgment Dragons!”-Audrey Tan

“I actually have to look…  Oh, Wiseman’s Chalice!  I played Gladiator Beasts, where it’s basically a second Monster Reborn.  I only play it in the mirror match.  With triple Trap Stun it was great.”-Jerome Baisey

Blackwing – Gale the WhirlwindArmor Master, Black Rose Dragon, it’s an extra Smashing Ground in monster form, gets rid of Stardust, Monarchs, and everything.  It’s way too pig!  It also handles Heraklinos.”-Alex Vansant

Pot of Duality in Salvo Dark Armed Dragon.  It helps me grab Black Salvo and Dekoichis to go into Black Rose Dragon faster.”-Kyle Norman

Alligator’s Sword Dragon!  He allows for multiple Synchro Summons with Instant Fusion, and I can remove it for Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon.  He’s just awesome!”-Franco Ferrara

“Mine’s Return from the Different Dimension.  It was a meta call, since I didn’t think people had enough side decked cards and would just throw removal against Infernities.”-Dale Bellido

“My secret tech in Counter Fairies was Magic Cylinder.  Everyone was maining at least 2 Solemn Warnings, so when they attack, I could Cylinder for game.  I won three games like that.” -Maurice Brantley

Super-Nimble Mega Hamster and Debris Dragon in X-Sabers.  The same thing Lazaro played!” -Ervin So

Trap Dustshoot.  At least 95% of people aren’t playing it right now, because so many people are setting their cards.  But I just love it.  It’s so good to look at peoples’ hands.” -Sasha Conte