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Round 5 Feature Match: Mark Alan Johnson VS Sorosh Saberian

September 4th, 2010

This Match saw 2 of the tournament’s most successful Decks going head-to-head, as Mark Alan Johnson took Gladiator Beasts against Sorosh Saberian’s Quickdraw Dandywarrior Deck.  Both Duelists have had plenty of experience Dueling in Championship-level events, and this can be an unpredictable matchup, so it should make for a great Feature Match!

Johnson started off by Setting 4 cards to his back row, and Summoned Gladiator Beast Equeste.


Saberian’s hand was 2 Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, Lonefire Blossom, Dark Hole, Monster Reborn, and Pot of Avarice.  He Set Ryko and ended.

Johnson labored a moment, but then decided to activate Gladiator Proving Ground to get Gladiator Beast Bestiari.  He Summoned it, Contact Fused for Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, and destroyed Ryko.  Gyzarus attacked for 2400 damage and Johnson tagged it out, Special Summoning 2 Gladiator Beast Laquari from his Deck.

Saberian drew Tytannial, Princess of Camellias, and activated Dark Hole: Johnson lost both his monsters, no Starlight Road in sight.  Saberian Set another Ryko.

Johnson summoned Gladiator Beast Equeste, attacked into Ryko, and Ryko destroyed it, sending Solemn Warning, Torrential Tribute, and Debris Dragon to Saberian’s Graveyard from his Deck.

Saberian drew Light and Darkness Dragon.  He Summoned Lonefire Blossom, Tributed it to Special Summon another Lonefire, and Tributed that to bring Dandylion to the field in Defense Position.  That gave him the 5 monsters he needed in his Graveyard to activate Pot of Avarice, and he shuffled all 5 back to draw 2 cards: Spirit Reaper and Lonefire Blossom.

Johnson Summoned his last Gladiator Beast Laquari, attacked Dandylion, and Saberian Special Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens.  Johnson tagged Laquari out to Special Summon Gladiator Beast Equeste, returned a Laquari to his hand, and ended.

Saberian drew Debris Dragon.  He Tributed both of his Fluff Tokens to Summon Light and Darkness Dragon, and Johnson responded with Solemn Warning to negate the Summon.  Johnson paid his 2000 Life Points, Saberian Special Summoned Dandylion with the Dragon’s effect, and he activated Monster Reborn to Special Summon Johnson’s Laquari.  He sent it to attack Johnson’s Equeste, but Johnson removed it from play with Dimensional Prison.

Johnson Summoned Laquari, attacked Dandylion with Equeste, and attacked 1 of the 2 Fluff Tokens with Laquari.  He tagged out Equeste to Special Summon Gladiator Beast Murmillo, destroying the remaining Fluff Token, and then tagged out Laquari for Gladiator Beast Retiari to remove Saberian’s Dandylion.

Saberian drew Dimensional Prison, eyeing the Debris Dragon that he now had no Dandylion to pair with.  He Summoned Lonefire Blossom, Tributed it for another, and Tributed that to Special Summon another Dandylion.  He Set Prison.

Pay close attention now.

Johnson attacked Dandylion with Murmillo, and Saberian removed it with Dimensional Prison.  Retiari attacked Dandylion, Saberian Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens, and Johnson tagged out to Equeste, sending another copy back to his hand from the Graveyard.  He activated Gladiator Beast’s Respite in Main Phase 2, shuffling back Equeste and Laquari, and Set a third Spell or Trap.  He ended his turn with 3 cards in hand, 3 cards Set to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, and Equeste on the field.

Saberian Summoned Debris Dragon, Special Summoned Dandylion, and Johnson stopped him from Synchro Summoning by flipping Debris Dragon face-down with Book of Moon.  The Duel stood at 6000 Life Points to 5600, with Johnson leading.  Saberian had 3 cards in hand.

Johnson Special Summoned Test Tiger, and Tributed it to send his Gladiator Beast back to the Deck.  He Special Summoned Gladiator Beast Secutor, attacked Debris Dragon, and then activated Secutor’s effect to Special Summon 2 Gladiator Beast Laquari from his Deck, each at 2100 ATK.  He then Set 2 more Spell and Trap Cards, a total of 4 cards Set.

Saberian drew, holding Foolish Burial, Tytannial, Spirit Reaper, and Ryko.  His field was a Defense Position Debris Dragon, 2 Fluff Tokens, and the Attack Position Dandylion.  He went for what was potentially his only way out: Black Rose Dragon (4+3=7).  He Tuned Debris Dragon and Dandylion in a desperate attempt, but Black Rose Dragon’s effect was negated by Gladiator Beast War Chariot.  But Saberian wasn’t finished: he activated Foolish Burial, sent Spore to the Graveyard from his Deck, Special Summoned it by removing Lonefire Blossom from the Graveyard, and then Tuned Spore to his Fluff Tokens to Summon a second Black Rose Dragon! (4+1+1+1=7, remember that Spore’s effect increased its Level to 4, and Dandylion left behind 2 new Fluff Tokens)  This one’s effect resolved successfully, destroying Johnson’s 6 cards: 2 Laquari, Secutor, Mystical Space Typhoon, Cold Wave, and Dimensional Prison!  Suddenly Johnson had just 1 card left in his hand, while Saberian had 3.  He Set Ryko.

Johnson summoned Gladiator Beast Equeste, attacked into Ryko, and both monsters were destroyed.  Saberian sent Quickdraw Synchron, Dimensional Prison, and Bottomless Trap Hole to the Graveyard.

Saberian Summoned Spirit Reaper, attacked, and Johnson discarded Test Tiger.

Johnson Set a Spell or Trap, his last card.

Saberian drew, and now had Debris Dragon, Cold Wave, and Tytannial.  He activated Cold Wave, Summoned Debris, and Special Summoned Spore.  He Tuned Spore to Spirit Reaper, Synchro Summoned Armory Arm (3+1=4), and attacked for a total of 2800 Battle Damage.  In Main Phase 2 he attached the Arm to Debris Dragon.

Johnson passed.

Saberian Special Summoned the Arm next turn and attacked directly to win the Duel.

Easy favorite for "Wipe of the Week" with his impressive double Black Rose Dragon play in the first Duel.

“That was a close one,” commented Johnson.

“Yeah, way too close for comfort,” replied Saberian.

“That Foolish caught me off-guard,” confessed Johnson

Both Duelists continued discussing the Duel in a friendly, tactical fashion as they made quick use of their Side Decks.  Each appeared to have concise plans for how they were going to Side for this matchup.  The second Duel began moments later, and both Duelists wished eachother good luck.

Johnson took a little while to think through his opening, then settled on Setting 3 Spell or Trap Cards.

Saberian had Dandylion, Doomcaliber Knight, Mirror Force, Swallow Flip, Lonefire Blossom, and Book of Moon.  He Summoned Doomcaliber, but lost out to Johnson’s Torrential Tribute.  Saberian Set Mirror Force, Swallow Flip, and Book.

Johnson Summoned Laquari, attacked for 1800 Battle Damage, and ended.

Saberian Set a Spell or Trap.

Johnson attacked with Laquari again, and this time Saberian destroyed it with Mirror Force.  Johnson Set a monster.

Saberian drew Super-Nimble Mega Hamster.  He Summoned Lonefire Blossom, Tributed it, Summoned another, and Tributed that to Special Summon Tytannial, Princess of Camellias.  Johnson tried to remove her with Bottomless Trap Hole, but Saberian Chained Book of Moon to turn her face-down.

Johnson Summoned another Gladiator Beast Laquari, took a moment to consider the situation, examined Saberian’s Graveyard, and Flip Summoned Gladiator Beast Bestiari.  He Contact Fused Gladiator Beast Gyzarus, activated its effect targeting just Saberian’s monster, and Saberian Chained Swallow Flip!  Gyzarus’ effect was negated, and it was destroyed: but Johnson wasn’t done!  He activated Monster Reborn, brought back Gyzarus, destroyed Tytannial with the Gladiator Beast’s effect, and Saberian Chained Book of Moon to turn Gyzarus face-down and at least keep it from attacking.

“Stupid Reborn,” grumbled Saberian, goodnaturedly.

“Stupid Swallow Flip!” laughed Johnson in response.

Saberian discarded Dandylion to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron, and Special Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens.  He Tuned one to Quickdraw and debated his Synchro Summon, clearly torn between Drill Warrior and Turbo Warrior (5+1=6, either way).  He chose Turbo Warrior, but lost it to Solemn Warning.  A Set monster ended Saberian’s turn.

Johnson attacked the remaining Fluff Token with Gyzarus, tagging out to Special Summon Gladiator Beast Equeste and Gladiator Beast Laquari.  Equeste got him his previous Laquari back from his Graveyard to his hand.

Saberian drew and Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.  He had nothing but his 2 Set cards: 1 monster and a Spell or Trap.

Johnson Special Summoned Gladiator Beast Bestiari with Test Tiger next turn, destroying Saberian’s Dimensional Prison.  He then Contact Fused for Gyzarus, destroyed Saberian’s Super-Nimble Mega Hamster, and attacked for 2400 Battle Damage.  He then tagged out to Gladiator Beast Hoplomus and Gladiator Beast Laquari.  The Duel stood at 6000 Life Points to 3800, with Johnson in commanding control of the Duel.

Saberian drew Debris Dragon, Normal Summoned it, and Special Summoned Lonefire Blossom.  He Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon, didn’t activate its effect, and attacked right into Dimensional Prison: he had thought it was Gladiator Beast War Chariot, but he was wrong, and when Johnson revealed that he could Summon another monster next turn Saberian conceded.

Johnson capitalizes on an incorrect read from Saberian to force Duel 3.

Mark Johnson evens the score, and we are headed to a third Duel!  Johnson took a while to make use of his Side Deck, as Saberian presented his Deck and waited on the edge of his seat to see his next hand.

That hand was Dandylion, Solemn Warning, Debris Dragon, Quickdraw Synchron, Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter, and Light and Darkness Dragon. He Set Warning, sent Dandylion to the Graveyard to Special Summon Quickdraw alongside 2 Fluff Tokens, and immediately Synchro Summoned Drill Warrior.  Saberian then discarded Light and Darkness Dragon for Drill Warrior‘s effect, removing it from play, and Set a monster.

Johnson blew away the Warning with Mystical Space Typhoon, and searched his Deck for Gladiator Beast Laquari with Gladiator Proving Ground.  He Summoned it, Special Summoned Test Tiger, traded Laquari out to Special Summon Gladiator Beast Secutor, and removed Saberian’s Ryko from the game with Nobleman of Crossout!  Secutor made a direct attack, and Johnson used its effect to Special Summon Laquari and Bestiari from his Deck.  He then Contact Fused Secutor and Bestiari for Gyzarus, and Set a Spell or Trap.

Sorosh brought back his Drill Warrior next turn, but Johnson had Gladiator Beast War Chariot to shut it down!  He tried to Summon Debris Dragon, and successfully Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon (4+3=7), but this time his luck had run out: Johnson Chained Starlight Road to the Dragon’s effect and Special Summoned Stardust Dragon.  Saberian looked utterly beaten.

Johnson attacked the Fluff Tokens with Laquari and Gyzarus, and made a direct attack with Stardust Dragon for 2500 Battle Damage.  He then tagged Gyzarus out for 2 more Gladiator Beasts, and Contact Fused them all for Gladiator Beast Heraklinos!  A final Set card to his back row ended the turn, and Saberian conceded after seeing his next card.

A massive, memorable double Black Rose play from Saberian lets him win the first Duel, but Mark Johnson wins the next 2 and moves on undefeated, with a 5-0 record!


Post-Event Analysis!
See what our panel of experts had to say about this Duel after the event was over. 

Michael Kohanim (2009 World Championship Competitor)
Saberian made an awesome comeback in Duel 1! It’s important to be careful about committing too many cards to the field when Dueling against Quickdraw Decks and other Decks with easy access to Black Rose Dragon. Black Rose Dragon lets a Duelist wipe the field with a single Summon! Since Black Rose Dragon is no longer Limited, a Duelist can even Summon a second copy after the first one fails, just as Saberian did to claim victory in the first Duel.

P.J. Tierney (Duelist from across The Pond)
At the Start of Duel 3, Saberian could have discarded Dandylion to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron and 2 Fluff Tokens. Next he could have Normal Summoned Debris Dragon, Special Summoned Dandylion and combined both (7 Levels) with a Level 1 Fluff Token to Summon Stardust Dragon and 2 more Fluff Tokens (for a total of 3). Then, he could have Tuned Quickdraw Synchron to a Fluff Token for Drill Warrior, and used its effect to remove it from play, discarding either of the 2 monsters in his hand. Finally, he’d Set Solemn Warning to finish.

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