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Top Tables Update!

September 4th, 2010

We’re just over halfway through day 1 of YCS Toronto and there are currently 25 people left with perfect records, and here they are!

Table 1: Michael Fresco (Gladiator Beasts) Vs. Nik Ristoski (LIGHT Beatdown)

Table 2: Mark Alan Johnson (Gladiator Beasts) Vs. Sorosh Saberian (Quickdraw)

Table 3: Matt Peddle (Infernity) Vs. Johnny Tang (Blackwings)

Table 4: Robert Vissa (Absolute Zero) Vs. Steven Kuoch (Machina Gadgets)

Table 5: Bryan Ortiz (Blackwings) Vs. Dominic Lacaille (X-Sabers)
Table 6: Alex N. Vansant (Machina Gadgets) Vs. Bobby Barone (Gladiator Beasts)
Table 7: Nereg Torossian (X-Sabers) Vs. Ali Yassime (X-Sabers)
Table 8: Justin Reyes (X-Sabers) Vs. Logan Djuricin (Frog Monarch)
Table 9: Sean Tohidi (Gladiator Beasts) Vs. Dustin Dalton (X-Sabers)
Table 10: Chris Pittao (Lightsworn) Vs. Joshua Graham (Gladiator Beasts)

Table 11: Roy St Clair (X-Sabers) Vs. Cody Gravelle (Lightsworn)
Table 12: Sasha Del Conte (Blackwings) Vs. Dale Bellido (Infernity)
Table 13: Mian Zheng (X-Sabers) Vs. Billy Espineda (Quickdraw Lightsworn)

Interesting to note is that out of the 26 players in tables 1 through 13, seven of the 26 decks are X-Sabers. This shows that even without Rescue Cat, X-sabers are still a very viable force capable of causing a lot of damage in the tournament scene. Other than that, there are 5 Gladiator Beast Decks, 3 Blackwing Decks, 2 Infernity Decks, 2 Machina Gadget Decks, 2 Lightsworn Decks, 1 Quickdraw Deck, 1 Quickdraw Lightsworn Deck, 1 Absolute Zero Deck, 1 Little City Deck, and 1 Frog Monarch Deck. With over 10 different decktypes at the top tables, it’s anyone’s guess as to what will win this YCS!

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