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Who’s at the Top Tables – Round 8

September 25th, 2010

We’re here in the last Round of the day, and with just 2 Rounds remaining tomorrow before the Top 32 cut, it’s a great time to take another snapshot of the top tables!  Here’s what they look like, 3 Rounds after our first Update from Round 5:Table 1:
Kevin Silva with Dimensional Fissure / Eatos
Steffon Rice with Plants

Table 2:
Pete Navarro with Volcanic Quickdraw Dandywarrior
Versus Nico Watson with Lightsworn

Table 3:
Mario Matheu with Black Salvo
Andrew Do with Lightsworn

Table 4:
Darryl Huang with Scraps
Ronald Sharpsteen with Machina Gadgets

Table 5:
Alejandro Suarez with X-Sabers
George Ashi with Destiny Hero Diva

Table 6:
Tommy Cecil with Blackwings
Marco Vazquez with Gladiator Beasts

Table 7:
Jimmy Vilaithong with Chaos
Alexander Arbios with Blackwings

Table 8:
Juan Antillan with X-Sabers
Edgar Lopez with Scraps

Table 9:
John Hubbard with X-Sabers
Sang Bui with X-Sabers

Table 10:
Mark Garcia with Blackwings
Chris Sasser with Battle Fader Chaos

Table 11:
Jose Fogelbach with Black Salvo
Jakob Sandberg with Gemini

Table 12:
Mitchell Nguyen with Gladiator Beasts
Justin Trias with Machina Gadget

While Blackwings and X-Sabers dominated the top tables earlier in the day, the field is now wide open!  X-Sabers and Blackwings are still doing well, but now we’re seeing Scraps, Black Salvo, Lightsworn, and a variety of surprising other Decks.  If this keeps up, we could see some breakthrough showings in tomorrow’s Top 32.