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Jason’s Top 3 YCS Philadelphia Moments

October 11th, 2010

This event had a ton of huge moments. As far as Dueling spectacles go, there were some unforgettable moments and some massive, unprecedented plays.  Here are my 3 favorite highlights from the weekend!

Robbie Stargel Wins With a 4000 ATK King of the Skull Servants:

We started off Saturday with one heck of a bang, as Robbie Stargel’s “MPZ” Merchant Pot Zombie Deck exploded to win the first Duel of his Round 1 Feature Match!  Playing out of an unremarkable opening hand against Machina Gadget Duelist Daniel Hazoot, Stargel drew into Magical Merchant.  He Set it, and when his opponent attacked it into the Merchant Stargel sent a whopping 19 mosnters to his Graveyard on his way to Pot of Avarice.  One Cold Wave later, Stargel unleashed Splendid Rose and Brionac, discarding an extra King of the Skull Servants for Brionac’s effect.  He Normal Summoned a second King, and ended the Duel with direct attacks from Brionac and a 4000 ATK King of the Skull Servants!

Jonny Nagel Plays 3 Super Solar Nutrients To Make Thirteen Summons – In Two Turns:

Things didn’t look so sunny when Jonny Nagel’s Side Deck burn strategy imploded in Duel 2: a clutch Book of Moon foiled his plans to steal away Lava Golem with Mark of the Rose.  The end result was a hard loss for Nagel, defeated by the fiery fists of his own Golem!  But as the third Duel started, things seemed to come together: Nagel opened with Naturia Pineapple and 2 copies of Super Solar Nutrient.  When Nagel drew a third Super Solar on Turn 2, it was on!  Over the course of just 2 turns Nagel made 13 Summons, and won Duel 3.  It was an explosive finish to an awesome Feature Match, and it could have big ramifications for Naturia fans down the line.

Christopher Miles Unleashes Turn 1 Scrap Dragon:

While a lot of Scrap Duelists threw their hat into the ring this weekend, it was Christopher Miles who would ironically go the extra mile, winning his way to the Top 16.  We saw Miles explode in Duel 1 of his Top 32 Feature Match against Michael Jacobs, opening up with Cold Wave, Summoner Monk, and Scrap Beast to Synchro Summon Scrap Dragon on Turn 1.  When Jacobs Set a monster to defend himself, Miles Set Dark Coffin next turn and destroyed both it and Jacobs’ Ryko to clear the field.  That forced Jacobs to discard with Dark Coffin’s effect, too.  It was a huge start to a Match that saw Miles claim both of his victories with double Scrap Dragon finishes, and Miles’ decisive, swift play demonstrated the power of a seasoned Scrap Duelist.