QQ: What’s your “secret tech”?

October 9th, 2010

931 players are in attendance today, and all of them designed their Decks to take down the competition. But which cards did the Duelists choose to gain an edge over their opponents? I asked several of the Duelists here this weekend what their “secret tech” for the tournament is, and how it will help them rise above the other competitors. Check out their responses.

Effect Veiler. I think it’s amazing – they never see it coming.” –Alex Wang

Darklord Desire. In the mirror-Match, it attacks over Herald and Kristya. Plus, it’s a Tribute, not a Special Summon, so it gives an alternate way to win.” –Ryan Mitchell

Big Piece Golem. It’s a big monster and a powerhouse.” –Ramin Ghodoumipour

Dark Deal, and using Infernity Inferno for Dark World monsters since it isn’t a cost.” –Albert Lindsey

Curse of Royal. It stops all Spell and Trap Card destruction in the format, especially with Heavy Storm gone.” –Kenny Havelka

Forbidden Chalice. It can activate in the Damage Step and negates effects.” –Adam Donahue

Phoenix Wing Wind Blast. It’s very good to set people back a turn.” –Tyler Shafer

Cyber Dragon. It’s a fast attacker that you can bring out easily.” –Sam Oransky

Burden of the Mighty. It makes all of the tougher monsters weaker, so I can run over them with my monsters.” –Garett Ronco

Nobleman of Extermination because it destroys Icarus Attack and Solemn Warning.” –Russell Miner

Royal Decree. Most players run 10 to 14 Traps, so Royal Decree pretty much shuts down a third of their Decks.” –Nick Trudden

Snowman Eater. I’m maining 1 of them.” –Chris DiGregrio

Ultimate Axon Kicker because it auto-wins against some of the top Decks right now, like Gadgets and Gladiators.” –Nick Bottino

Every Duelist interviewed has a unique “secret tech” that he plans to use to put him ahead of the competition. But only 1 Duelist can triumph over the rest, so by the end of the weekend, we’ll know whose secret tech wins out.