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Quick Questions: What Deck is the Most-Played This Weekend?

October 10th, 2010

At YCS Toronto, the top 3 most-played Decks were Gladiator Beasts (15.06% of the field), X-Sabers (13.03%), and Blackwings (12.58%).  In San Jose the top 3 Decks stayed the same, but the order changed, with X-Sabers being the most popular (15.42%), Gladiator Beasts hot on its heels (12.46%), and Blackwings clocking in at third place once again (11.53%).  With those statistics in mind, we hit the tournament floor to ask competitors what they think is the most-played Deck in today’s field!

“X-Sabers, probably.  They can do the most: explode, drop Faultroll, double Synchro Summons in a single turn… Effect Veiler slows them down though.  It’s a good card.” -Mike Glowacki

“Today I would definitely say Gadgets: they’re easy to build, and they’re powerful thanks to Machinas.”  -Guillermo “Gmo” Morales

“Definitely X-Sabers.  They have a lot of combos, especially with Reinforce Truth and Darksoul plays.  They capitalize on opportunities really easily.” -Aaron Charles

“I think a lot of LIGHT Gemini Beatdown, actually.” -Nareg Torossian

“It’s either Sabers or Blackwings.  Every time I sit down, to my left and to my right, it’s Sabers and Blackwings.” -Alfonso Yamakawa

“The most POPULAR Deck?  Has to be LIGHT Gemini Beatdown.” -Roderick Pailin

“I think Blackwings and Sabers right now.  If I had to pick 1, probably Sabers.” -Brent Yetter

“Sabers.  I see a lot of Sabers.” -Anthony Ling

“I will say X-Sabers.  I see a lot.”  -Simon Phoenix

“I would say Sabers.” -Pongyue Moua

“I think Blackwings.  Seeing from the last YCS there were a lot of people that topped with it, and with Eradicator Epidemic Virus it’s really great.  It can beat Sabers and Machina with the Virus.” -Luis Costa