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Quick Questions: What Will Win?

October 10th, 2010

We can ask plenty of Quick Questions to all sorts of different competitors, but at the end of the day, 1 question always carries a unique impact: “What do you think will win?”  With huge upsets in YCS San Jose, and a big win from Angel Flores’ LIGHT Gemini Beatdown Deck, opinions are varied here in Philadelphia.  We asked a range of Duelists their opinions.

“I’m gonna say Monster Surge.  Andrew Lindskogg is running it.” -Mike Glowacki

“Blackwings, definitely.  They have the most explosive moves out of any Deck, they can search any card they need with Black Whirlwind, and Icarus Attack is too good.” -Guillermo “Gmo” Morales

“Probably X-Sabers.  The combos they pull off with Boggart Knight, Fulhelmn, and Faultroll are huge; Darksoul just recovers anything they lost.” -Aaron Charles

“Sabers.  It just has the most broken plays.” -Nareg Torossian

“Sabers.  It’s the most broken Deck.  If played right, it can beat any other Deck.  It has so much versatility.  You can play a control game, or go really aggressive.  Kind of like Blackwings.” -Alfonso Yamakawa

“[LIGHT Gemini Beatdown]!  We’re going hard with this one!  Roderick is calling [LIGHT Gemini Beatdown] to win it!” -Roderick Pailin

“I think something aligned to anti-meta.  I just lost to an anti-meta deck, and I’m kind of playing 1 myself, so I think anti-meta’ll win it.”  -Brent Yetter

“Some variant teched with a lot of stuff.  Like something running Pot of Duality, Solemn Warning, and Effect Veiler!  That’s what I’m going to say is gonna win: a Deck with those three cards in it!” -Anthony Ling

“X-Sabers, but I would like an original Deck to win!  When LIGHT Gemini Beatdown, won San Jose, I was like ‘that’s so good!’  I like originality.” -Simon Phoenix

“I think Sabers also.  I’m running it!” -Luis Costa

“I don’t know, I’ve been seeing Scraps doing really well!  I’d go with Scraps.”  Pongyue Moua