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Top 16 Feature Match: Nickolas Anderson VS Nareg Torossian

October 10th, 2010

In this match, we watch Nickolas Anderson and his Blackwings take on Nareg Torossian’s X-Saber Deck. Anderson won the toss and elected to go first.

Anderson had a hand of Allure of Darkness, Blackwing – Vayu the Emblem of Honor, Dark Armed Dragon, and 3 Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn.  He activated Allure, drew Blackwing – Blizzard the far North and Mirror Force, and removed a Sirocco to complete Allure’s effect.  He then Set Mirror Force and Vayu.

Torossian Summoned XX-Saber Emmersblade, attacked to destroy Vayu, and Set 2 cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Anderson drew Bottomless Trap Hole.  He tried to Normal Summon Sirocco, but Torossian negated the Summon with Solemn Warning.  Anderson Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Torossian Summoned X-Saber Airbellum, and Anderson activated Bottomless Trap Hole to remove it.  Emmersblade attacked into Mirror Force, and Torossian ended with 3 cards in hand and 1 card Set in his back row.

Anderson drew Seven Tools of the Bandit.  He Set it, removed Vayu and Sirocco to Special Summon Blackwing Armed Wing with Vayu’s effect, and Torossian destroyed it with Torrential Tribute.

Torossian Summoned XX-Saber Fulhelmknight, attacked for 1300 Battle Damage, and Set a single Spell or Trap.


Anderson drew Solemn Warning. He Normal Summoned his third Sirocco, attacked Fulhelmknight, and Torossian negated the attack with Fulhelmknight’s effect.  Anderson Set Warning.

Torossian Summoned X-Saber Pashuul, then tried to Special Summon XX-Saber Faultroll: Anderson negated the Special Summon with Solemn Warning, dropping to 4700 Life Points.  Fulhelmknight attacked Sirocco, Torossian turned it face-down with Book of Moon, and Fulhelmknight destroyed Sirocco to Special Summon XX-Saber Emmersblade.  Pashuul and Emmersblade each made direct attacks next, and Anderson was reduced to 3300 Life Points.  In Main Phase 2, Torossian Set a Spell or Trap Card to finish out.

Anderson drew Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind and Summoned it, halving Emmersblade’s ATK and DEF.  Gale attacked Fulhelmknight, both monsters were destroyed, and Anderson tried to Special Summon Dark Armed Dragon in Main Phase 2.  Torossian responded with Solemn Judgment, and Anderson fired back with Seven Tools!  Anderson removed 2 DARKs to destroy Pashuul and Emmersblade with Dark Armed’s effect, leaving Torossian topdecking.

Torossian had 3000 Life Points left, drawing and Setting a monster.  When Anderson Summoned Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame next turn with another DARK in the Graveyard for Dark Armed Dragon, Torossian immediately conceded.


Nareg Torossian seems to take control of the Duel early on, but it all slips out of his grasp as Anderson Summons a thunderous Dark Armed Dragon, securing victory with Seven Tools of the Bandit!  One more win like that and Anderson would be on his way to the Top 8.

Torossion opened with a Set monster and 4 Set cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Anderson had Dark Hole, Pot of Duality, Blackwing – Kalut the Moonshadow, Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn, Skill Drain, and Royal Oppression.  He activated Duality, revealing Black Whirlwind, Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame, and another Sirocco: he took the Whirlwind and shuffled the rest back – not a tough choice for Anderson.  He activated Whirlwind, then tried to Normal Summon Sirocco: Torossian responded with Bottomless Trap Hole.  Anderson Set Dark Hole, Drain, and Oppression.

Torossian Summoned XX-Saber Boggart Knight and didn’t activate its effect.  He attacked for 1900 Battle Damage.

Anderson drew Solemn Warning and flipped Dark Hole: Torossian had no response, and his Boggart Knight and Darksoul were destroyed.  Anderson Summoned Kalut, and Torossian turned it face-down with Book of Moon to stop Anderson from getting a card with Black Whirlwind.  In the End Phase, Torossian got XX-Saber Fulhelmknight from his Deck with Darksoul’s effect.

Torossian drew, and placed his card face-down on the table: “Now just to be clear, I did not just draw Cold Wave!”  He activated it from his hand, then picked up his draw for the turn.  Anderson Chained Skill Drain, but Torossian Chained Trap Stun, ensuring that Skill Drain’s effect would not work for the duration of the turn.  He Summoned Fulhelmknight, attacked Kalut to destroy it and Special Summoned Darksoul with Fulhelmknight’s effect.  Darksoul attacked, and in Main Phase 2 Torossian Synchro Summoned XX-Saber Hyunlei to destroy everything Anderson had save Black Whirlwind.  Darksoul’s effect got Torossian XX-Saber Faultroll.

“Please, give me a Blackwing,” hoped Anderson, wanting to mount a comeback with Black Whirlwind.  He drew Vayu: “Oh! I didn’t want that one!  I should have been more specific…” Anderson laughed and conceded.

One more Duel would decide the victor: 1 of the Duelists was headed to the top 8, and we’d know who in mere minutes.

Anderson offered Torossian a friendly handshake, then drew his hand of Blackwing – Kalut the Moonshadow, Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn, Thunder King Rai-Oh, Dark Hole, Royal Oppression, and Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind.  He Summoned Thunder King and Set Dark Hole and Oppression.

Torossian tried to Special Summon Cyber Dragon, but Anderson responded with Royal Oppression to negate the Summon and destroy it.  Torossian destroyed Thunder King with Smashing Ground, set a monster, and Set a Spell or Trap.

Anderson drew Blackwing – Shura the Blue Flame, Summoned it, attacked, and Torossian blocked with Book of Moon.

Torossian Tributed his Set XX-Saber Darksoul for another Cyber Dragon, attacked, and destroyed Shura.  He Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone and used Darksoul’s effect in his End Phase, getting XX-Saber Emmersblade from his Deck.

Anderson drew Pot of Duality, activating it to reveal Blackwing – Bora the Spear, Solemn Judgment, and another Shura from the top of his Deck.  He added Judgment to his hand and shuffled back the Blackwings.  He then Summoned Gale, activated its effect to halve Cyber Dragon’s ATK and DEF, and attacked to destroy the Dragon.  He Set Solemn and ended.

Torossian Summoned Emmersblade, threatening to trade off in battle with Gale and Special Summon the X-Saber of his choice: Anderson had to negate the Summon with Solemn Judgment, dropping to 3600 Life Points.  Torrosian had 7150, and ended his turn.

Anderson drew Icarus Attack, and attacked for 1300 Battle Damage.  He Set Icarus.

Torossian Summoned another Emmersblade!  It attacked, Anderson Tributed Gale for Icarus Attack, and targeted Emmersblade and Torossian’s face-down back row card for destruction.  Torossian Chained the targeted card: Gottoms’ Emergency Call.  Anderson negated it with Royal Oppression.

Anderson drew another Icarus, Summoned Kalut, and attacked for 1400.  He Set Icarus.

Torossian Summoned XX-Saber Boggart Knight and ran over Kalut: Anderson was down to 2300 Life Points.

Anderson Summoned Sirocco and attacked to destroy Boggart Knight.

Torossian Set a card to his back row.

Anderson drew another Pot of Duality, activating it and revealing another Sirocco, Thunder King Rai-Oh, and Book of Moon: he took the Book.  He Summoned Vayu, attacked for 800 Battle Damage, and followed up with Sirocco for another 2000.  The Duel stood at 2300 Life Points to Torossian’s 1350.  Anderson Set his last card to his back row.

Torossian drew to 3 cards in hand: with that second Icarus Attack Set, and Vayu to Tribute for it, Anderson could deal with virtually anything.  Torossian offered the handshake and revealed his cards: a Set Cold Wave, and a hand of Solemn Warning, Monster Reborn, and XX-Saber Faultroll.



Royal Oppression hits the field early, and Nareg Torossian just can’t overcome it in time!  Nickolas Anderson is headed to the Top 8.


Post-Event Analysis!
See what our panel of experts had to say about this Duel after the event was over. 

Jason Grabher-Meyer (The Old Man of Dueling)
Anderson did a great job unleashing his Dark Armed Dragon in Duel 1!  With only 2 DARKs in Anderson’s Graveyard, and Solemn Judgment Set, there was no way for Torossian to anticipate Anderson’s move. Anderson slammed his Gale into Torossian’s Emmersblade to get to 3 DARKs, then powered through Solemn Judgment with Seven Tools of the Bandit to clinch the Duel with Dark Armed Dragon!  Remember: powerful cards are even better when your opponent doesn’t see them coming.

Michael Kohanim (2009 World Championship Competitor)
Pot of Duality is a huge help to Blackwing Duelists, since it allows them to get the cards they need to win. Anderson used his Dualities to grab a Black Whirlwind and Solemn Judgment from the top of his Deck. Negating the Summon of his opponent’s XX-Saber Emmersblade by using Solemn Judgment allowed Anderson to prevent the Emmersblade from clashing with his Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind. If Anderson hadn’t been able to deal with Torossian’s Emmersblade by negating its Summon, he most likely would have lost.

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