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Quarterfinals: Kenny Kwan VS Guillermo Morales

October 10th, 2010

Only 8 Duelists remained in this tournament, and after this Round only 4 would be left in contention!  Kenny Kwan hails from Queens, New York, and is here playing Quickdraw.  His opponent is Guillermo Morales, a Blackwing Duelist from New Jersey.  Both of these Duelists have been to Championship-level tournaments in the past, but this is their first time breaking into the Playoff Rounds.  Now, one of them would be headed to the Top 4.

Kwan started the Match with Pot of Duality, revealing 2 Lonefire Blossom and Dandylion: he took a Lonefire.  He Set a monster and Set a Spell or Trap.

Morales had a hand of Book of Moon, Blackwing – Blizzard the far North, Blackwing – Kalut the Moonshadow, Solemn Warning, Icarus Attack, and Black Whirlwind.  He activated Whirlwind, Summoned Kalut, and searched his Deck for Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind with Whirlwind’s effect.  Kalut attacked, destroyed Dandylion, and Kwan Special Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens.  Morales Set everything but his Gale and Blizzard.

Kwan Tributed a Fluff Token for Caius the Shadow Monarch, targeting Black Whirlwind with Caius’ effect to remove it.  Caius attacked Kalut, and Morales responded with Icarus Attack, Tributing Kalut to destroy Caius and Bottomless Trap Hole.

Morales drew and Set a card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, then Summoned Blizzard the far North: he lost its effect to Effect Veiler, but attacked a Fluff Token to destroy it.

Kwan Set a Spell or Trap.

Morales drew Icarus Attack, and attacked with Blizzard.  He Set Icarus Attack.

Kwan activated Foolish Burial, sent Dandylion to his Graveyard, and Special Summoned 2 more Fluff Tokens.  He Summoned Lonefire Blossom, Tributed a Fluff Token for its effect, and Special Summoned another Lonefire from his Deck in Defense Position.  Kwan Tributed his first Lonefire for the effect of the second, and he lost the second copy to Solemn Warning.  He Set another back row card, and in the End Phase Morales Tributed for Icarus Attack to target both of Kwan’s Spell or Trap Cards.  Kwan Chained Trap Stun, but Morales Chained Solemn judgment to negate the Stun and force through the destruction of Kwan’s Set Pot of Duality!

Morales Summoned Gale for a direct attack.

Kwan Summoned Debris Dragon, Special Summoned Dandylion, and Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon to clear the field.  He got 2 more Fluff Tokens, then activated his last card: Monster Reborn.  He Special Summoned Lonefire Blossom, Tributed a Fluff Token, and Special Summoned Tytannial, Princess of Camellias!  Morales conceded.

Kenny Kwan takes the first Duel, breaking through Morales’ defenses with Black Rose Dragon and capitalizing with Tytannial!  Both competitors spent a fair amount of time making use of their Side Decks.

Morales opened with a hand of Allure of Darkness, 2 Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn, 2 Blackwing – Blizzard the far North, and Nobleman of Crossout.  He activated Allure, drew Mystical Space Typhoon, and Solemn Judgment, and removed Blizzard from his hand.  He Set Typhoon and Solemn.

Kwan Set 3 Spell or Trap Cards, losing Bottomless Trap Hole in the End Phase to Mystical Space Typhoon.

Morales drew Black Whirlwind and Set a card to his back row.

Kwan passed.

Morales drew and Set Starlight Road.

Kwan passed.

Morales drew and Set another Mystical Space Typhoon.

Kwan Set and lost his Mystical Space Typhoon to Morales’.

Morales drew Blackwing – Kalut the Moonshadow and activated Black Whirlwind.  He Summoned Kalut, and Kwan destroyed it with Torrential Tribute.

Kwan activated Monster Reborn, targeting Kalut.  He attacked for 1400 Battle Damage and Tributed it in Main Phase 2 for Caius the Shadow Monarch, removing Black Whirlwind from the game.  A Set Spell or Trap ended Kwan’s turn.

Morales drew Bottomless Trap Hole.  He tried to Summon Blizzard, but the Summon was negated by Kwan’s Solemn Warning.  Morales Set Bottomless.

Kwan hit him for another 2400 with Caius, then Set another Spell or Trap.

Morales Set a Spell or Trap and Set a monster.  In his End Phase, he lost Solemn Judgment, his newest Set, to Mystical Space Typhoon.

Kwan Summoned Card Trooper.  He activated it seffect snding Trap Stun, Trap Hole, and My Body As A Shield to the Graveyard.  Card Trooper attacked, and Morales Tributed his Set Blackwing – Sirocco the Dawn for Icarus Attack, targeted Caius and Card Trooper, and Kwan negated Icarus Attack with Seven Tools of the Bandit!  Morales immediately offered the handshake!

Kenny Kwan moves on to the Top 4!


Post-Event Analysis!
See what our panel of experts had to say about this Duel after the event was over. 

Jason Grabher-Meyer (The Old Man of Dueling)
While Morales managed to activate Black Whirlwind in both Duels, Kwan removed it from the game both times with Caius the Shadow Monarch.  By stripping Morales of Whirlwind twice, Kwan kept him from making the aggressive, overwhelming plays Blackwings thrive on.  When you’re up against Blackwings and they activate Whirlwind, beat the problem at its source. It’s usually a good idea to do everything you can to eliminate Whirlwind.

Michael Kohanim (2009 World Championship Competitor)
In Duel 1, Morales allowed Kwan to Summon Caius the Shadow Monarch to the field and remove his Black Whirlwind from the game with its effect. Then, Morales was forced to activate Icarus Attack and Tribute his Blackwing – Kalut the Moon Shadow to destroy Kwan’s Caius. Morales may have been better off negating the Summon of Caius by activating Solemn Warning. It would’ve allowed him to protect his Black Whirlwind and save his Icarus Attack for later in the Duel.

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