Who’s At the Top Tables? (Round 5)

October 9th, 2010

Four rounds have passed and the competitors with perfect records have floated up to the top tables. Check out who’s playing who at the top 12 tables in Round 5:

Table 1: Courtney Waller (Blackwings) vs. Maurice Brantley (Absolute Zero)

Table 2: Joseph Nguyen (Camel Control) vs. Kevin Slapnik (X-Sabers)

Table 3: Sean McCabe (X-Sabers) vs. Calvin Holt (Blackwings)

Table 4: Alistar Albans (Blackwings) vs. Richard Leiva (X-Sabers)

Table 5: Dan Rose (X-Sabers) vs. Eric Walther (Blackwings)

Table 6: James Wayden (Anti-Meta) vs.  Jerry Williams (Absolute Zero)

Table 7: Arthur Pisko (X-Sabers) vs. Ankit Shah (Blackwings)

Table 8: Thai Bui (Lightsworn) vs. Joe Arecchia (Blackwings)

Table 9: Daniel Giancola (Debris Plants) vs. Brandon Ryan (Gladiator Beasts)

Table 10: Richard Lam (Gemini Beatdown) vs. Tyler Nolan (Blackwings)

Table 11: Thanh Nguyen (Debris Plants) vs. Michael Kelly (Absolute Zero)

Table 12: Austin Muniz (LIGHT Gemini Beatdown) vs. Jeffrey Daniels (X-Sabers)

In the top 12 tables, there are 7 Blackwing Decks, 6 X-Saber Decks, 3 Absolute Zero Decks, 2 Debris Plant Decks, 2 Gemini Beatdown Decks, 1 Anti-Meta Deck, 1 Gladiator Beast Deck, 1 Camel Control Deck, and 1 Lightsworn Deck. Will these top tables be an accurate reflection of the top Decks we’ll see tomorrow? Or will new surprises emerge and will something completely different come out on top? Find out tomorrow!