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A Look at the Top Tables – Round 5

November 20th, 2010

Four rounds have passed and the undefeated Decks at the Top 12 tables are looking as diverse as ever! Take a look at who’s sitting at the top tables as we head into Round 5, and what Decks they used to get there.

Table 1: Daniel Farina (Gravekeepers) vs. Darren Williams (X-Sabers)

Table 2: Rayshawn Hampton (Dimensional Eatos) vs. Donnie Bailey (Gladiator Beasts)

Table 3: Mark Mansour (X-Sabers) vs. Ronald Mack (Gravekeepers)

Table 4: Thomas Feaster (Blackwings) vs. Hai Nguyen (Quickdraw Lightsworn)

Table 5: Dorian Foster (Infernities) vs. Diamond Williams (Lightsworn)

Table 6: Y’Hudaw Jacques (Plant Synchro) vs. Matthew Peeler (Machinas)

Table 7: Jake Mattern (Frog Monarchs) vs. Tien Tran (Blackwings)

Table 8: Stanley Gasque (Destiny Frog Monarchs) vs. Glenn Douyard (Gladiator Beasts)

Table 9: Cleveland Johnson (X-Sabers) vs. Joshua Graham (Blackwings)

Table 10: Joseph Presness (Blackwings) vs. Evan Towler (Plant Synchro)

Table 11: Andrew Bishop (Plant Synchro) vs. Brooks Melacon (Quickdraw)

Table 12: Michael Guzman (Volcanic Quickdraw) vs. Tristan Johnson (Blackwings)

There’s a total of 5 Blackwing Decks, 3 Quickdraw variants, 3 Plant Decks, 3 X-Saber Decks, 2 Gravekeepers Decks, 2 Gladiator Beast Decks, 1 Destiny Frog Monarch Deck, 1 Frog Monarch Deck, 1 Machina Deck, 1 Dimensional Eatos Deck, 1 Infernity Deck, and 1 Lightsworn Deck, all undefeated at the Top 12 tables. All 24 of the Duelists at these tables have a great shot at making it to Day 2, and any one of them may become the next YCS champion. Stay tuned to see how the event unfolds!