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Long-Distance Travelers

November 14th, 2010

Most of the Duelists at this event are from right here at Mexico. But we also found several travelers from other countries.

Look at these 4 enthusiastic Duelists – they drove for 2 days all the way from Guatemala to attend the very first YCS in Latin America.

Guatemalan Duelists

Meet (from left) Angel Cordero with his X-Saber Deck, Willie Rodas with his Infernities, Mariano Angel with his Blackwings, and Carlos Rodas with his Blackwings.  Their comment: “Everything is just so big – there are so many players, it’s really good!”



This is Daren Uriona, one of the Duelists picked for the Bounty Feature.  She moved from Lima, Peru, where she used to play at an Official Tournament Store, and is now looking for a store here in Mexico, where she moved to about 2 months ago.  She started playing only about 5 months ago, and this is her first time at a big event like this.  She’s had a great first-time experience and is here today with her Fortune Lady Deck.

Peruvian Duelist.


We also ran into Ulises Guerrero from Florida in the United States. He chose to come to Mexico because he used to live here, and is Dueling today with his Machina Gadget Deck, but thinks X-Sabers will come out on top.