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QQ: How Did You Get Here?

November 20th, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions! With 870 Duelists competing just in the main event this weekend, competitors have traveled from all across the United States to play in today’s YCS. Duelists have walked, roadtripped, carpooled, bussed, and taken trains, planes, and who knows what else to get here, traveling in the company of friends, family, rivals, and teammates. That naturally led to an obvious question: “How many people did you come here with, and how did you get here?” Here are some of the answers we received…

“I came with two other people, and one of the friends I came with, he used his frequent flyer miles to get me a ticket! Thanks, Pat!” -Matt Highline

“I came here with like, five people. We walked up from the dorms at Georgia State!” -Matthew Peeler

“I rode up here carpooling with three people. Friends from locals, and from out of town. Met up with a bunch more friends too.” -Robert Cunningham

“I took the MARTA, and I came here by myself. I met up with friends once I got here, at least ten!” -Rolando Nash

“I came with four people total, I got here by flight. I flew in from Detroit.” -Chris Pittao

“Drove here from Macon, right in the middle of Georgia, me and three other people.” -Dominique Jones

“I came here with two other people: my dad and my friend Patrick. We roadtripped it up here from Huntsville, Alabama.” -Nicholas Moore

“Me and my mother, we came by car from Indiana.” -Joseph Young

“I drove here, with five other people from Cookville, Tennessee. Friends and people from my local store.” -Andrew Hayslip

“There were six of us, and we drove up from Tennessee..”-A.J. Murphy

“I came with five people, and we drove up from Florida. We got in last night at 11 PM – it was 8 or 9 hours.” -Justin Devletian

“I came with like, five other people. We got here by van, from Orlando.” -Yannis Kallergis

Except for traveling by sea, space shuttle, or Duel Runner, I think our attendees run the gamut of transportation options. Duelists traveled from as far as California, Washington, and even Puerto Rico to take part in this tournament, while others lived just blocks away right here in Atlanta. The atmosphere is an extremely friendly one even by the standards of a typical YCS, and no matter how far Duelists traveled, they’re giving it their all in the main event!