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QQ: Thor, Loki, or Odin?

November 21st, 2010

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  Though Duelists are only starting to feel the impact of Starstrike Blast, the next Booster Set, Storm of Ragnarok, already looms on the horizon.  Releasing in February next year, Storm brings with it new support for The Six Samurai, Blackwings, Watts, and more.  But it also includes three new Synchro Monsters: the Aesir.  With the power of the Nordic Gods just a few months away, we took some time to ask Duelists, “Who’s the coolest Aesir Monster: Thor, Odin, or Loki?”

“I want to say Odin, with the whole immunity thing!  Loki’s cool, too, I’ll keep getting Mirror Force back again and again.”  -Robert Cunningham

“I’d say Loki!  Negating the spells and Traps, that’s what the game comes down to: using everything in a good combination.” -Rolando Nash

“Thor!  I’ll go with Thor, because he has a hammer.” -Chris Pittao

“Odin!  he draws cards, and comes back from the Graveyard!” -Matthew Peeler

“I like Loki!  He’s the bad kid of the bunch.” -Dominic Jones

“I personally like Loki.  Trap recursion is broken!” -Matt Highline

“Thor!  It looks awesome.”  -Nicholas Moore

“I think Loki?  He negates Spells and Traps,” -Andrew Hayslip

“I’m gonna go with Thor.  Why?  He has a hammer!” -A.J. Murphy

“Thor!  He looks beast!  Strong!”-Justin Devletian

“Loki, no matter what the effect is!  He’s a badass no matter what you do.”  -Yannis Kallergis

It was pretty fun to see how each QQ respondee made their decision: for instance, hammers are clearly popular here at YCS Atlanta!  If you don’t have a favorite Aesir yet, be sure to check out the official Storm of Ragnarok Product Page to see pictures of the new Nordic God Cards, complete with details about their effects.  With huge ATK and devastating abilities, they’re going to make a big impact next year.