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QQ: Which Deck Benefitted Most from Starstrike Blast?

November 20th, 2010

Gravekeepers, Scraps, Lightsworn, Quickdraw, Plants, and many more Decks gained a boost from Starstrike Blast – we’ve seen the new Booster Set’s impact right here today, on the tournament floor! But with so many Decks getting added support, and the field wide open, we just had to ask: “Which Deck do YOU think gained the most from Starstrike Blast?”

“Gravekeepers. Because Graveeper’s Recruiter is so crazy!”-Andrew Hayslip

“I’m gonna say either Quickdraw, or Plants in general. Shooting Star Dragon is pretty good.” -Robert Cunningham

“I can’t really say any deck benefitted the most – it’s alot of support cards for lots of different Decks. I would say my favorite is probably Formula Synchron.” -Rolando Nash

“Plants, because of the Bulb! And the Formula.” -Chris Pittao

“Plants? Glow-Up Bulb, the best card of the whole set! Shooting Star Dragon, too.” -Matthew Peeler

“Personally, I think Lightsworn benefited the most! They get cool stuff like Glow-Up Bulb, it’s just way good in ‘sworns.” -Matt Highline

“I want to say Quickdraw. They got Tuning, and some awesome commons.” -Nicholas Moore

“Synchrons! I’m kind of biased since I’m playing them! I guess Karakuri technically gained the most, if you want to look at it that way, since it wasn’t a Deck before!” -Joseph Young

“Gravekeepers on that one. Recruiter is just so good. Him and Descendant are great.“-A.J. Murphy

“Scraps! They got alot of support: Scrap Mind Reader, Scrap Twin Dragon… Before, when you could go into any Level 9 monster with Golem and Scrap Beast, there weren’t really any great choices. But now you can go into Scrap Twin. And Searcher! Searcher’s really good: you Golem it to the opponent’s field and blow away all their monsters.” -Justin Devletian

“I think every Deck gained power from Glow-Up Bulb!” -Yannis Kallergis

While it was easy to anticipate alot of enthusiasm for Plants and Quickdraw Synchron Decks, Gravekeeper’s Recruiter has gotten a strong response that some are finding surprising. Opinions are definitely divided about which Deck got the biggest boost from Starstrike Blast, and that seems like a healthy indicator of Deck diversity in competitions like this one.