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Round 1 Feature Match: Samuel Elicker vs. Chris Rodriguez

November 20th, 2010

Armed with his Yusei Fudo Quickdraw Deck, 21 year-old Oregonian Duelist Samuel Elicker has promised us that he’s going to “rev it up” here in Atlanta! Tuningware, Road Warrior, and more Yusei-inspired picks have set his Deck apart from the rest. His opponent is 22 year-old Chris Rodriguez, a Scrap Duelist from New York City. This Match should see a lot of big Synchro Summoning from both sides.

Elicker opened with a hand of Mystical Space Typhoon, Monster Reborn, Dandylion, Tuning, Pot of Avarice, and One for One. He discarded Dandylion for One for One, to Special Summon Glow-Up Bulb from his Deck. He Special Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens with Dandylion’s effect, cheerful that he had a good opening hand. He followed up with Tuning, and ran some numbers for a moment before deciding to search out Junk Synchron, sending Level Eater off the top of his Deck to the Graveyard! He tuned Glow-Up Bulb to a Fluff Token for Formula Synchron, drawing Inferno Reckless Summon. He brought back Glow-Up Bulb with its effect, sending Card Trooper to the Graveyard, and made another Formula Synchron to draw Tuningware. “Do I play this to win, or do I just try and make this look impressive?”

“Just play!” replied Rodriguez, friendly. “It’s been pretty impressive so far!”

Elicker spent a little more time thinking, before normal Summoning Junk Synchron. He used its effect to Special Summon Glow-Up Bulb again, and then activated Monster Reborn to bring back Dandylion. He Tuned it to Formula Synchron for Ally of Justice Catastor, then Tuned that to Junk Synchron for Stardust Dragon, then Tuned THAT to the second Formula Synchron for a first-turn Shooting Star Dragon! He activated Pot of Avarice next, sending Stardust, Catastor, Junk Synchron, a Formula Synchron, and Dandylion back to his Deck to draw Quickdraw Synchron and Quillbolt Hedgehog. He reduced the Level of Shooting Star Dragon to Special Summon Level Eater, and Tuned it to Glow-Up Bulb for a third Formula Synchron in Defense Position, for yet another draw! He drew Mind Control. He Set Mystical Space Typhoon, then ended his turn with 5 cards in hand, Formula Synchron on the field, and Shooting Star Dragon! We are just 1 turn into this tournament, and Shooting Star Dragon is already in action.

Rodriguez took a deep breath, and activated Mind Control to take Shooting Star Dragon. Foolish Burial sent Scrap Beast to his Graveyard, and he Summoned Scrap Chimera to Special Summon Scrap Beast! He Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon, attacked Formula Synchron, then destroyed Shooting Star and Mystical Space Typhoon in Main Phase 2. He Set 3 cards to his back row. He had no cards left in-hand.

Elicker drew Giant Trunade. “Wow, this just keeps on rollin’.” He activated Mind Control to target Scrap Dragon, and Rodriguez Chained Scrapstorm, targeting Scrap Dragon, sending Scrap Beast to his Graveyard, drawing a card, and destroying Scrap Dragon. Elicker activated Trunade, then discarded Quillbolt Hedgehog to Special Summon Quickdraw. He Normal Summoned Tuningware, reduced Quickdraw to Level 4 to bring up Level Eater, then Special Summoned Quillbolt. He Synchro Summoned Road Warrior with Quickdraw, Quillbolt, and Tuningware, drew Card Destruction with Tuningware, then used Road Warrior to Special Summon Cyber Valley from his Deck. He removed Valley and Level Eater to draw Enemy Controller and Junk Synchron, and Set Enemy Controller after attacking for 3000 damage.

Rodriguez Summoned Scrap Chimera, and Special Summoned Scrap Beast. He Set a Spell or Trap, Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon, and activated its effect to destroy his own Seven Tools and Road Warrior. Scrap Dragon attacked for 2800 Battle Damage. A Set Spell or Trap ended the turn.

Elicker drew Mirror Force. He Summoned Junk Synchron, Special Summoned Tuningware, and activated Inferno Reckless Summon, getting 2 more Tuningwares from his Deck. Rodriguez Special Summoned another Scrap Dragon from his Graveyard. He then responded with Book of Moon, turning Junk Synchron face-down! Elicker’s Tuningware combo was shattered. Card Destruction got Elicker another Inferno Reckless Summon, costing Rodriguez another Scrap Beast. “That Book of Moon was so good,” groaned Elicker. But Elicker had Enemy Controller. He activated it, Tributing a Tuningware to take a Scrap Dragon. He destroyed his Tuningware and his opponent’s Scrap Dragon with the borrowed Dragon’s effect, letting Rodriguez Special Summon Scrap Beast. Scrap Dragon destroyed it in battle, and Elicker handed the Dragon back over in the End Phase.

Rodriguez attacked Junk Synchron with it next turn, Set Mirror Force, and destroyed it in Main Phase 2 to destroy the remaining Tuningware. He Set his last card to his back row.

Elicker drew Tuning! He got Junk Synchron with it, sent Cyber Valley to the Graveyard, and Summoned Junk Synchron to bring up Tuningware. But Rodriguez had another Book of Moon! It turned Junk Synchron face-down.

Rodriguez destroyed Junk Synchron with Scrap Dragon’s attack next turn.

Elicker Set Dandylion.

Rodriguez attacked it next turn. Elicker got 2 Fluff Tokens, and Rodriguez Set his remaining cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Elicker drew another Dandylion, and Set it.

Rodriguez destroyed it with another Scrap Dragon attack next turn. More Fluff Tokens for Elicker.

Elicker passed.

Rodriguez played Pot of Duality and Scrapyard to get Scrap Goblin. He destroyed it for Scrap Dragon’s effect, blew away Tuningware, and got back Scrap Chimera to his hand.

Elicker Set a monster and Dark Bribe.

Rodriguez destroyed Dark Bribe and his own Scrapstorm with Scrap Dragon, and moments later unleashed another Scrap Dragon, working to clear the field.

Elicker drew and tried to Summon Debris Dragon, but Rodriguez had Solemn Warning! Elicker ended with just 1 Set monster, and a turn later it was all over as both Scrap Dragons made direct attacks.

Samuel Elicker makes an amazing first turn, ending with a total of 7 cards including Shooting Star Dragon, but a series of big comeback plays let Chris Rodriguez fight back and claim the Duel with Scrap Dragon after Scrap Dragon! Both Duelists were eager to get to the second Duel.


Elicker had a hand of 2 Royal Decrees, Mystical Space Typhoon, Pot of Avarice, Effect Veiler, and Glow-Up Bulb. He Set both Decrees and Typhoon.

Rodriguez sent Scrap Beast to his Graveyard with Foolish Burial, and Set a monster, then a Spell or Trap. Elicker flipped Decree in the End Phase.

Elicker drew Junk Synchron and Set Glow-Up Bulb.

Rodriguez activated Cold Wave! Elicker Chained Decree, then Chained Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy his opponent’s Book of Moon – one less card for a potential Scrap Dragon to feed off of. Rodriguez pressed on, Summoning Scrap Chimera. Elicker negated its effect with Effect Veiler. Scrap Chimera attacked, Elicker’s Glow-Up Bulb was destroyed, and play was to Elicker.

He drew Sangan. Finally, a non-Tuner. He Set it.

Rodriguez took it with Mind Control next turn, then Flip Summoned the borrowed Sangan and his own Scrap Goblin. He Tuned Goblin to Sangan for Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, leaving Elicker to use Sangan’s effect and get Effect Veiler from his Deck. Brionac and Scrap Chimera both made direct attacks, and Rodriguez Set a Spell or Trap.

Elicker drew and Summoned Cyber Valley.

Rodriguez discarded Bottomless Trap Hole for Brionac’s effect, targeted Valley, and Elicker discarded Veiler to negate the effect. Rodriguez Summoned Scrap Goblin, declared that he was moving to Main Phase 2, Sychro Summoned Scrap Twin Dragon, and destroyed his Bottomless Trap Hole to bounce away Valley and a Decree, and ended. He immediately regretted moving to Main Phase 2, wanting to attack.

Elicker drew Quickdraw Synchron. He activated Glow-Up Bulb’s effect, Special Summoning it and sending D.D. Crow from the top of his Deck to his Graveyard. Elicker then discarded Cyber Valley to Special Summon Quickdraw Synchron, and activated Pot of Avarice to send all the monsters in his Graveyard back into his Deck. He drew One for One and another Valley. He activated One for One, discarded Valley for it, then Special Summoned Tuningware from his Deck. He Tuned Tuningware and Glow-Up Bulb together for Formula Synchron, then drew 2 cards: 1 for Tuningware and the other for Formula Synchron. He got Debris Dragon and Card Destruction. He Summoned Junk Synchron, Special Summoned Tuningware from his Graveyard, then activated Card Destruction, getting Effect Veiler and Card Trooper. He Tuned Tuningware and Junk Synchron for Armory Arm, drew another Tuningware, and Tuned Formula to Armory Arm for Brionac. He discarded Tuningware to bounce away Scrap Twin Dragon, attacked to destroy Scrap Chimera, and attacked directly with Quickdraw.

Rodriguez was down to topdecking, and Set his draw for the turn.

Elicker drew Tuning, activated it, and got Junk Synchron, sending Dark Hole off the top of his Deck to his Graveyard. He Normal Summoned Junk Synchron, Special Summoned Tuningware, and Rodriguez conceded the Duel, not wanting the Match to be a draw due to time.

Samuel Elicker fights back out of a rough opening hand to claim victory, and take us to a third Duel! Mere moments remained in the Match.


Rodriguez opened Duel 3 by Setting 4 cards to his back row and Summoning Scrap Beast.

Elicker Summoned Cyber Valley, and Set 3 cards to his back row. In the End Phase, Scrapstorm let Rodriguez trade his Beast for Scrap Chimera.

Rodriguez Summoned Chimera, Special Summoned Scrap Beast, and Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon. He activated Monster Reborn, targeted Scrap Beast, and activated Scrap Dragon’s effect to target his Beast and Mirror Force, destroying both. He got back his Scrap Chimera. He Set 2 more cards to his back row and ended, and Elicker flipped Royal Decree!

Elicker drew Effect Veiler and passed.

Rodriguez Set a fifth card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone, then Summoned Scrap Chimera. Elicker Chained Effect Veiler’s effect, but Rodriguez Chained Book of Moon as time was called. He Special Summoned his Scrap Beast, sent Level Eater to his Graveyard with Foolish Burial, and Special Summoned Level Eater by reducing Scrap Dragon’s Level to 7. He destroyed Royal Decree and Level Eater with Scrap Dragon and passed. Elicker flipped another Decree! Five turns remained in the Match.

Elicker drew Dark Hole. He Summoned Tuningware, removed it and Cyber Valley, and drew Dandylion and another Valley with the first Valley’s effect. He activated Dark Hole. Rodriguez Chained Scrapstorm, destroying his Scrap Beast to get back Scrap Chimera and draw a card. Scrap Dragon’s effect didn’t Special Summon him anything back. Elicker disarded Dandylion for Quickdraw Synchron, Special Summoned 2 Fluff Tokens, and Tuned 1 to Quickdraw for Drill Warrior. He attacked for 2400 Battle Damage, then discarded Cyber Valley to remove Drill Warrior from play.

Rodriguez Summoned Scrap Chimera, Special Summoned Scrap Beast, and attacked the Fluff Token with Scrap Beast. Scrap Chimera made a direct attack, and in Main Phase 2 Rodriguez Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon. He Set Scrapyard, destroyed it, and destroyed Royal Decree.

Elicker tried to Special Summon Drill Warrior, but lost out to Royal Oppression! Elicker Set his last card: a monster. The Duel stood at 4800 Life Points to 6300, with Elicker narrowly leading.

Rodriguez had 1 more turn. He Set Scrap Beast, destroyed it and Dandylion with Scrap Dragon’s effect, and took back Scrap Chimera. He paid 800 Life points to negate the Special Summon of Dandylion’s Fluff Tokens, and attacked Elicker for 2800 Battle Damage. Elicker’s next draw was Enemy Controller, which couldn’t save him!

Chris Rodriguez wins a thrilling Match, scoring his first win of the day with Scraps! It was a tremendous, explosive way to start our weekend here in Atlanta!