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Round 3 Feature Match: Irwin Chew vs. Daniel Farina

November 20th, 2010

Daniel Farina is one of many Gravekeeper Duelists competing in this weekend’s tournament, and he’s 2-0 so far in this tournament as we head into round 3. It seems like Gravekeepers are off to a promising start. Farina’s Deck is interesting because he Delta Flyer alongside his Recruiters and Spies. His opponent, Irwin Chew, is playing Final Countdown – would Farina be prepared for such a surprising matchup?

Farina opened the match with Allure of Darkness, drawing 2 cards and removing Gravekeeper’s Descendant to complete its effect. He had a hand of Gravekeeper’s Descendant, Gravekeeper’s Recruiter, 2 Gravekeeper’s Spy, Effect Veiler, and Solemn Warning. He Set Warning and Spy.

Chew activated Reinforcement of the Army, getting Zero Gardna from his Deck. He activated Upstart Goblin, followed it up with Pot of Duality, and revealed 2 Reckless Greed and Swift Scarecrow. He added the Scarecrow to his hand and shuffled the Greeds back into his Deck. He activated Final Countdown, paying 2000 Life Points. He’d win the Duel with Countdown’s effect if he could survive for 20 turns. He tried to Summon Zero Gardna, and Farina negated the Summon with Warning. Chew Set a Spell or Trap.

Farina drew Gravekeeper’s Assailant. He Flip Summoned Gravekeeper’s Spy, and Special Summoned Gravekeeper’s Recruiter from his Deck. He then Normal Summoned Gravekeeper’s Descendant, Tributed Recruiter to destroy Chew’s Set Gravity Bind, and got Gravekeeper’s Commandant from his Deck. He discarded that to get Necrovalley, and activated it before attacking into Battle Fader. Chew Special Summoned it, with 2 cards left in his hand. Farina Tributed Gravekeeper’s Spy to destroy Fader with Descendant’s effect.

Chew Set a Spell or Trap, then Set a monster.

Farina drew Solemn Warning, and Chew activated Thunder of Ruler to stop Farina from conducting his Battle Phase this turn. Farina Set Warning and Spy.

Chew moved to turn 5 under Final Countdown’s effect, and Set a Spell or Trap. He tried to Flip Summon Morphing Jar, but lost out again to Warning. He ended with 1 card left in his hand.

Farina drew Gravekeeper’s Stele. He Flip Summoned Spy, Special Summoned a Commandant, and Normal Summoned Gravekeeper’s Recruiter. He Tributed Recruiter for Descendant’s effect, targeting Chew’s face-down Waboku. Chew Chained it in response, but now had nothing left in-hand except his Scarecrow. Farina got another Recruiter with the first Recruiter’s effect and ended.

Chew activated Pot of Duality, revealing another Scarecrow, another Battle Fader, and Thunder of Ruler. He took another Scarecrow.

Farina drew his third Solemn Warning. He Summoned another Recruiter, Set Warning, and ended without attacking.

Chew Set a Spell or Trap.

Farina Tributed his Recruiter to target another Waboku, which was again Chained. He had no more targets left in his Deck to grab with the Recruiter. Stele returned Commandant and Spy to his hand, and he Summoned Gravekeeper’s Assailant. He ended, pinned down by Waboku.

Chew moved to turn 11 of Final Countdown, and Set another Spell or Trap.

Farina drew Bottomless Trap Hole. He Tributed Descendant to try and destroy Chew’s face-down Skill Drain, but Chew Chained it. Farina attacked, but was denied by Swift Scarecrow. He Set Bottomless Trap Hole.

Chew Set a Spell or Trap.

Farina drew, got hit with Thunder of Ruler, and Set Book of Moon.

Chew tried to activate The Warrior Returning Alive, but couldn’t, due to Necrovalley’s effect.

Farina attacked into another Scarecrow.

Chew passed on turn 17. He was moments away from victory.

Farina attacked, and Chew tried to Special Summon Battle Fader, but Solemn Warning shut him down, and a horde of Gravekeepers attacked to seal the Duel!

Daniel Farina scores a narrow victory, triumphing just a couple turns before Final Countdown would’ve won the Duel for his opponent! The Match moved to Duel 2.

Chew activated Final Countdown, then Summoned Zero Gardna.

Farina had Necrovalley, Effect Veiler, Gravekeeper’s Assailant, Gravekeeper’s Descendant, Book of Moon, and Solemn Warning. He activated Necrovalley, Summoned Assailant, attacked Zero Gardna, and Chew Tributed it to make all Battle Damage 0 for the turn. Farina Set 2 cards to his back row.

Chew tried to destroy Assailant with Smashing Ground, but Farina turned his Assailant face-down with Book of Moon to keep it safe. Chew Set a Spell or Trap.

Farina Summoned Gravekeeper’s Descendant, attacked, and forced out a Waboku. He Set a Spell or Trap.

Chew moved to turn 5 under Final Countdown and passed.

Farina drew and activated Pot of Duality, revealing Royal Tribute, Delta Flyer, and Caius the Shadow Monarch; he picked Royal Tribute, knowing it could help him avoid Chew’s powerful monster-based effects. He Summoned Effect Veiler, Tuned it to Assailant to Synchro Summon Ally of Justice Catastor, and activated Royal Tribute, revealing Chew’s hand: 2 Battle Faders, Swift Scarecrow, and Reckless Greed. He lost everything but Reckless Greed, and took direct attacks from Descendant and Catastor.

Chew Set a Spell or Trap.

Farina drew Solemn Warning, attacked with Descendant, and when Chew couldn’t find another Scarecrow or Battle Fader out with Reckless Greed he immediately conceded.

A 2-0 victory for Daniel Farina and his Delta Flyer Gravekeeper Deck, as Farina overcomes an unexpected challenge in the form of Final Countdown. Farina moves on with a 3-0 record!