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QQ: Who’s Your Favorite Villain? Your Favorite Hero?

February 12th, 2011

The Yu-Gi-Oh! series has had a wide variety of diabolical villains, and just about every Yu-Gi-Oh! fan has a favorite one. The original series introduced classics like Pegasus and Marik, while the newest series had some even darker villains, like the Dark Signers. I surveyed the Duelists in Dallas to see who are their favorite Yu-Gi-Oh! villains of all time. Check out the responses!

“Pegasus. I like the eye.” –Enoch Sanz, 16

“Pegasus. He’s classic.” –Ryan Fetamia, 20

“Bakura. He’s the best! He’s a real bad guy. He’s never defeated, and he’s there through the whole series.” –Robert Dominguez, 20

“Bakura. He’s the only real bad guy, because everyone else has an excuse for being malicious. Pegasus was trying to bring back his wife and Marik was being possessed. Bakura had a real motive.” –Luis Garza, 20

“Marik. He sends people to The Shadow Realm!” –Ryan Cobb, 19

“Bakura, because he’s a boss.” –Josh Jordan, 19

“Supreme King. ‘Die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain’.” –Danny Bassous, 20

“Bandit Keith, because he cheated that one time. He got caught and kicked out, which makes him a good example for not cheating.” –Camden Keener, 18

“Kalin. He cools out villainy perfectly!” –Travis Lee, 19

“Rex Goodwin. He almost took down all 3 of the Signers by himself!” –Chris Gilman, 22

Villains from the original series seem to be the most popular, but every Yu-Gi-Oh! series is represented in the answers. Behind every villain lies a powerful monster, and you can get some of the Dark Signers’ trump cards in the upcoming Duelist Pack Collection Tin.

But what about the good guys?

With the upcoming theatrical release of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D Bonds Beyond Time movie, we’ll see the three greatest Duelists of all time cross the eons to join forces!  As the excitement mounts it begs one Quick Question for Duel-fans here in Dallas: “Who’s your favorite hero of Dueling?”

“Yugi: Yami Yugi.  Because he always gets what he needs.  In the Shadow Realm, in one of the episodes, Yugi transformed and left a card Set.  Yami Yugi didn’t even see the card to know what it was; but he flipped it, believed in the heart of the cards, and it helped him win!” -Jarel Winston

“Kaiba?  Does he count as good?  He doesn’t play by the rules!” – Jonathan Moore

“Yugi!” – Jason Holloway

“Bubbleman, of course!” – Fabian Cantu

“I like Kaiba, from the first one.” – Daniel Polito

“I think… Joey!” -Roy St. Clair

“I’d have to say Jack Atlas.  He became my hero the moment he used Fiendish Chain.”  -Alexandra Meyer

“I like Joey!  He kind of reminds me of me.” -Frank Zapeda

“Aw, there’s so many.  Jaden!  I just like the name!” -Fili Luna

“The Dungeon Dice guy.  Duke Devlin!” -Robert Boyajian

“Pegasus is a good guy, isn’t he?  Cause of his hair!” -Joaquin Bigornia

“I would have to say Yugi!  Because he has the heart of the cards!” -Mark So

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