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Quick Questions: How Was Your Trip?

February 13th, 2011

QQ Stands for Quick Questions!

One of the best parts about any big Championship-level event is the travel! The most experienced Duelists have crossed North America – and some the entire globe – seeing new sights, meeting new friends, and rising to unique challenges. Dallas is a city with a strong Dueling community and a lot to offer Duelists from out of town, so we asked the Quick Question: “What’s your favorite part so far about your trip to Dallas?”

“We drove here, so we did alot of sightseeing. Lots of pictures, lots of looking at stuff – my favorite was this restaurant with a 72 ounce steak!” – Daniel Polito

“The trip itself was a bit longer than expected, but I traveled up here with friends. I We did find Yu-Gi-Oh! players at this random Jack in the Box!” – Alexandra Meyer

“It’s close! I’m just in San Antonio. I love when a YCS is in Texas!” -Fabian Cantu

“Well, I live here, so I love everything about it!” -Juan Rivera

“The drive! Thirteen hours from Colorado! I have family down here.” -Frank Zapeda

“It’s my hometown! I didn’t have to drive more than 20 minutes! It’s great!” -Fili Luna

“Seeing everyone from other big events, that I don’t get to see normally!” -Robert Boyajian

“The food! I ate some steak, and some chicken wings!” -Joaquin Bigornia

“Favorite part? Being right by the Cowboys Stadium!” -Mark So

YCS events aren’t just a tournament and a place to play cards. Lots of people load up the car and make a weekend vacation out of it!