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Round 5: Top Tables Update

February 12th, 2011

Four Rounds still remain in today’s Swiss pairing competition, with an additional 3 Rounds of Swiss tomorrow! We are in Round 5, so let’s take a look at who’s at the Top 10 tables, and what they’re playing…

Table 1:

Jacob Pitts with Gravekeepers


Claudio Corona with Plant Synchro

Table 2:

Christopher D. De los Santos with Six Samurai


Jesus Suarez Fogelbach with Gravekeepers

Table 3:

Camden Keener with Machina Gadgets


Glenn Robinson with X-Sabers

Table 4:

Jonathan Fitch with Plant Synchro


Duy Nguyen with Six Samurais

Table 5:

Carlos Geo Navarro with Gladiator Beasts


Fransico Gonzalez with Blackwings

Table 6:

Henry Vi with Six Samurai


Nathan Soowal with Blackwings

Table 7:

Chase Sly with Blackwings


Billy Brake with Six Samurai

Table 8:

Jesse D. Gallet with Blackwings


David Dunse with Six Samurai

Table 9:

David Monterroso with Formula Monarchs


Marquis Johnson with Six Samurai

Table 10:

Patrick Jefferson Hoban with Six Samurai


Guillermo Gonzalez with Formula Monarchs

Six Samurai have definitely delivered: they’re the most-represented Deck at the Top 10 tables, with seven of the twenty sampled Decks being Samurai builds. Trailing by a good margin is the Samurai Deck’s most feared matchup: Blackwings, with four entries. Here’s the full breakdown of what’s at the top seats:

Six Samurai: 7

Blackwings: 4

Formula Monarchs: 2

Gravekeepers: 2

Plant Synchro: 2

X-Sabers: 1

Machina Gadgets: 1

Gladiator Beasts: 1

Blackwings versus Six Samurai may go down as the defining matchup of this tournament, as the tried and trusted standby takes on the new hotness from Storm of Ragnarok. Stick with us, as we observe the shifting tides here in Dallas!