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Semi-Finals Match-Ups

February 13th, 2011

Things looked precarious for Six Samurai heading into the Top 8, but all 3 Six Samurai Decks in the Top 8 have moved on to the Semi-Finals, where they are joined by the remaining Gravekeeper Deck.

Here’s how the Semi-Finals are shaping up:

Travis Massengale (Gravekeepers)
Arnold Alvarado (Six Samurai)
Travis Massengale wins and advances to the final round!


Nizar Sarhan (Six Samurai)
Daniel Carlos (Six Samurai)
Nizar Sarhan wins and advances to the final round!

Six Samurai are definitely through to the final round, but we’ll have to see if Gravekeepers will crack into the final match, or if it will be a Six Samurai mirror match.