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Tech Update: Anti-Samurai Tech

February 13th, 2011

Fully aware that Six Samurais would be tough to beat in today’s tournament, Duelists everywhere knew that they needed to innovate if they were going to take them down. Each competitor had a different approach to accomplishing this task. Check out some of the most popular Anti-Samurai tech cards being used this weekend!

1.) Gozen Match

The Six Samurai monsters span a wide range of Attributes, including FIRE, EARTH, WIND, and DARK. Gozen Match only allows a Duelist to control monsters of a single Attribute. For Six Samurai Decks, which almost always rely on keeping multiple monsters on the field in order to grab a quick win, Gozen Match can spell big trouble. Gozen Match can wipe out several monsters at once, and force a Six Samurai opponent to play a slow game. Gozen Match is one of the most popular tech cards this weekend for taking down Samurais.

2.) Puppet Plant

Puppet Plant is a Plant-Type monster from Strike of Neos that can be discarded to take control of a Spellcaster or Warrior-Type monster until the End Phase. With Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En able to stop Spell and Trap Cards, using a monster like Puppet Plant to take control of Shi En may be the best way to handle it. Once you have Shi En on your side of the field, you can use it in a Synchro Summon with one of your Tuners, or Tribute it for a monster like Caius the Shadow Monarch or Vanity’s Fiend, to get it off of the field. Puppet Plant can be used to take control of other Warriors too, which can be Tributed, Tuned with, or simply used to attack an opponent’s monster.

3.) Kinetic Soldier

It has been a while since Kinetic Soldier saw serious competitive play. Years ago it was a popular card for destroying monsters like Black Luster Soldier – Envoy of the Beginning in battle, and single-handedly taking down Warrior Toolbox Decks. But the time has come for Kinetic Soldier to rise back to the top. Kinetic Soldier’s 1350 ATK jumps all the way up to 3350 ATK when it battles a Warrior-Type monster, making it capable of destroying even the toughest monsters in a Six Samurai Deck, including Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En. Its 1800 DEF also rises to 3800 DEF when it battles a Warrior, causing unsuspecting Samurai Duelists who attack face-down monsters to take a ton of damage.

4.) Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo

While Kinetic Soldier destroys monsters one at a time in battle, and Puppet Plant takes control of them, Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo can wipe them all out at once with its effect. Since Six Samurai Decks build large fields of Special Summoned monsters, Fossil Dyna’s effect that destroys all Special Summoned monsters when it’s flipped can devastate a Six Samurai player. Your opponent won’t be able to Special Summon his Six Samurais while Fossil Dyna is on the field, either. Some Duelists are using Jowgen the Spiritualist to achieve similar ends, but Jowgen’s lower stats and its inability to destroy monsters on an opponent’s turn gives Fossil Dyna the edge.

5.) Warrior Elimination

One of the less common anti-Samurai tech cards being used this weekend is Warrior Elimination. Warrior Elimination is a simple Spell Card that destroys every Warrior-Type monster on the field. Since every Six Samurai monster is a Warrior, Warrior Elimination can destroy all of them at once. However, Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En’s ability to negate Spell and Trap Cards have led other Duelists to favor monster effects that handle the Samurais, instead of using Spells and Traps.

Day 2 of the tournament is just starting, and it’s clear that only the Duelists who prepared to face the Samurais will be able to make it to the finals. Stay with us this weekend to see which tech cards prove to be the most successful against Six Samurai Decks!

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