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Tech Update: Best of the Rest

February 13th, 2011

So far we’ve looked at flexible tech from Storm of Ragnarok, as well as cards to survive against the Six Samurai. But those aren’t the only trends we’re seeing – a variety of tech cards are on the rise for other matchups, or are simply seeing much more play in reaction to the waves Samurais have caused. There are some old favorites that are back in vogue, as well as some surprising picks!

Xing Zhen Hu:

Xing Zhen Hu is popping up in a number of different Decks, but it’s most popular as a Main or Side Deck addition in Six Samurai. It locks down opposing problem cards like Icarus Attack, which can threaten the Deck’s Continuous cards. But Xing Zhen Hu‘s also just being run as a general Spell and Trap negator. Royal Decree negates all Trap Cards (including your own), but Xing Zhen Hu is more selective, and if used right it can just hurt the opponent. It’s more permanent than Trap Stun; stops Quick-Play Spells in addition to Traps; and doesn’t keep you from running Traps yourself. Many of this weekend’s Duels largely come down to who can protect their big attack and launch it first: so as a countermeasure against killer cards like Solemn Warning, this can be a really powerful card.

Mystical Space Typhoon:

Typhoon fell out of favor at the beginning of this format last year, as Duelist’s began playing Trap Stun and Seven Tools instead. Both cards gave tremendous showings at YCS Toronto last September, and have grown steadily in popularity since. But with Gateway of the Six and The Six Samurai United as  huge threats today, plus Necrovalley still floating around after YCS Atlanta, double Space Typhoon looks like it’s back.

Doomcaliber Knight:

Doomcaliber Knight is a strong choice against Plant Synchro, Samurai, X-Sabers, and Gladiator Beasts. It’s also good in general against the unexpected matchups that you see so much when a new Booster Pack like Storm of Ragnarok is released. In situations like this, where the game is difficult to predict and high-impact monster effects are such a risk, it’s extremely powerful. Its strong ATK and DEF also make it a reliable beatstick, and a great topdeck in many situations.

Solemn Warning:

Solemn Warning? Unexpected tech!? Really? Well, not quite. But what was previously a card seen at 2 copies per Deck, has fast become a must-run at 3, as competitors race to control the field and make fast, direct attacks. While Bottomless Trap Hole won’t stop Gateway of the Six and Six Samurai United from accruing Bushido Counters (because Bottomless doesn’t actually negate a Summon), Solemn Warning will, making it the first line of defense for many competitors.

Spirit Reaper:

Reaper is another one of those cards that’s great against Samurai, but is useful in many other matchups. Samurai have few ways to take it out, because virtually no one ran The Six Samurai – Zanji, and even Side Deck use of The Six Samurai – Irou seemed rare. While most of the top-finishing Samurai Duelists played Hand of the Six Samurai, some didn’t, and sometimes you just can’t get to Hand immediately. Reaper is also a great attacker. With more Duelists playing more monster removal, direct attacks were more common here in Dallas than they were in other recent YCS tournaments. That meant lots of opportunities to attack with Reaper; score some damage; and force a discard to wreck the opponent’s hand. It seems that as long as Samurai are a presence, Reaper has finally returned to the top of the competitive heap.

The cards listed here may become a big part of many local tournament scenes moving forward. Look at your Decks, and see which ones could be working for you!

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