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Tech Update – Storm of Ragnarok Cards for any Deck

February 12th, 2011

Storm of Ragnarok Tech Update

It’s been 4 days since the official release of Storm of Ragnarok, and Duelists are already packing their Decks with the newest cards to gain every edge they can in the competition. Take a look at some of the most popular cards from Storm of Ragnarok that Duelists are teching this weekend in Dallas!

1.)    Forbidden Lance

Forbidden Lance is the latest in protection from Spell and Trap Cards. You can use this Quick-Play Spell Card to make any of your monsters immune from Spells and Traps for the entire turn. Unlike Trap Stun, which must be Set for a turn before it can be activated, Forbidden Lance can be activated on the turn it’s drawn, so you can immediately go on the offensive. With the rising popularity of Book of Moon, which cards like Trap Stun can’t stop, Forbidden Lance is looking like a better alternative for many of the Duelists in contention today.

Since Forbidden Lance can reduce the ATK of a monster by 800, you can also use it to help your monsters take down stronger ones. That means it’s useful to stop opposing monsters, not just opposing Spells, Traps, and effect.

The huge versatility of Forbidden Lance has made it a popular card this weekend, and there’s a good chance we’ll see it rising to the top tables.

2.)    Chaos Hunter

Even though they seem to be showing up less, cards like Bottomless Trap Hole and Dimensional Prison still have a strong presence in the field. Chaos Hunter stops both of them. With 2500 ATK and immunity to removal cards, Chaos Hunter can be tough to take down. Chaos Hunter also stops monsters like Caius the Shadow Monarch and Chaos Sorcerer, so it’s a powerful tech choice in certain matchups.

3.)    The Golden Apples

The Golden Apples is a splashable card that can be fit into just about any Deck. It will replenish all of the Life Points you take from an attack, and allow you to Special Summon a Level 1 Token with ATK and DEF equal to the amount of the damage you took. The Golden Apples gives you a quick way to Summon a powerful monster, or add a Level to your field for more Synchro Summon flexibility.

4.)    Maxx “C”

Duelists everywhere were astonished by the power of Maxx “C” when it was first announced. And several of them are putting it to use this weekend. Maxx “C” gives you an advantage against players who Special Summon lots of monsters, by letting you draw a card each time a monster is Special Summoned. This is obviously great against swarm Decks like Six Samurai. But lots of Decks do a lot of Synchro Summoning with popular monsters like Debris Dragon. This makes Maxx “C” a strong tech choice against a lot of different Decks. Opponents will be reluctant to continue Special Summoning monsters after you activate the effect of Maxx “C”. Maxx “C” is particularly strong if it draws you other from-the-hand cards like Battle Fader or Effect Veiler. We may see some of the most powerful plays in existence foiled by Maxx “C” this weekend.

The tournament is just starting and there’s plenty of time for other tech choices from Storm of Ragnarok to rise to the top. Stay with us while we track the progress of YCS Dallas, and see which cards from Storm of Ragnarok will have the biggest impact on the competition!

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