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QQ: How Was Your Trip To The YCS?

March 19th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series is about a lot more than just Championship-level dueling: Public Events are run all weekend; trading is huge; and there are Duelists throwing down all over the tournament hall in casual Duels.  Hotel lobbies swarm with Duel-fans, and local restaurant tables play host to games between friends and rivals alike.  Sometimes, the best part of the weekend happens nowhere near the top tables, so we asked the question: “How was your trip to the YCS, and what was your favorite part of the weekend so far?”

“My trip was nine hours long.  We laughed literally the entire trip.  We had six people in our car, which really only fit five people.” -Will Preising

“The trip was great!  It took a while: we came in from West Virginia, but it was good.  My favorite part so far was pre-registering.  Not being in the line this morning is great!”

“My trip was actually pretty terrible!  My favorite part would just be hanging out with my friends in the hotel last night.” -Stephen Mercado

“The trip was fine – it was an eight hour drive.  The best part was getting to the hotel and finally getting to stretch!  Laughing about everything that happened on the way here.” -Lewis Gordon

“My trip was pretty good!  The walk here was very entertaining – we parked a few miles down.  I came here with four of my friends.  We’re having a good time so far.” -Frisco Bremiller

“Long!  We drove five hours from Savannah, Georgia.  Favorite part?  I’m getting to see friends I haven’t seen for three years!”-Allision Beard

“We weren’t able to rent a car three times, at three different locations, after being told by customer service that we could. That was our favorite part, when we eventually got a car.” -Jason Larabee

“My trip here was good!  I was hanging out two blocks down over by the Hilton Garden, and there’s a big March Madness thing going on, so that’s cool.” -Jeff Lang

“I fell asleep for seven hours, so it was a pretty short trip for me!  My favorite part so far is Waffle House!  It’s going to be the best part – I haven’t eaten there yet, but it’s the anticipation!” -Mike Glowacki

“I drove thirteen hours, so that was pretty intense!  Favorite part of the trip so far… I just like coming to YCS’s.  I enjoy being here, the environment.” -Christian Pepper

“The trip here was pretty boring, honestly – I’m glad I had videogames!  The YCS is the best part of the trip, though: it’s really exciting, especially since I don’t really go to many..”-David Jimenez