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QQ: What Do You Think Will Win?

March 19th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions!  It’s a brand new format, and the impact of Storm of Ragnarok and Structure Deck: Dragunity Legion are reshaping the Dueling landscape!  With Decks like Miracle Geminis, Karakuris, Nordics, and Dragunities all seeing play, we’re witnessing the birth of a brand new metagame that will shape Dueling for months to come.  With so many different Decks in contention, we turned to the tournament floor to ask: “What do you think will win the YCS main event?!”

“Probably Plant Chaos or Six Samurai.  Samurais are still really strong, and the Plant Chaos Deck can evolve really well.” -Stephen Mercado

“Samurai!  Cause the number of Samurai seems to be in their favor – a lot of people are running them.”-Lewis Gordon

“I think it’s between Gravekeeper’s and Six Samurai.  Gravekeeper’s negates the important effects of so many Decks, and even though Gateway of the Six has been Limited, Sams are still pretty fast!” -Frisco Bremiller

“My Deck!  I’m playing Psychic Chaos.  You have to have confidence!”-Kenneth Hughes

“Either a Chaos Variant or Karakuri Machina Plants.” -Eric Gandee

“X-Sabers are looking really good.”-Allision Beard

“Absolute Zero!  Zero’s effect is really good: Raigeki‘s Forbidden, but I have three of them!”-David Nguyen

“A combination of Karakuri, Plant, Machina, Jurrac, Naturia, Six Samurai, Lightsworn?  I actually have no idea!  It’s too diverse!” -Will Preising

“Something surprising!”-Jason Larabee

“I’m thinking Sabers will win.  They were basically untouched March 1st, and now there’s no Book of Moon to stop their Synchro plays.” -Jeff Lang

“I’ll say Sabers are gonna bring it home.  They’ve got too many good cards – once Darksoul goes off, you’ve got a turn or two and it’s over. My friend’s playing Sabers with Saber Hole, and it’s really good” -Mike Glowacki

“I’m gonna say some sort of Hero Beat Deck, with Skill Drains.” -Christian Pepper

“Personally, I think maybe Gravekeeper’s.  They have a good matchup with Dragunities, and it’s a really consistent Deck.” -David Jimenez