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QQ: Which Deck Benefited Most from the March 2011 Forbidden & Limited List?

March 19th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! A lot of changes took place on March 1st, 2011 when the new Forbidden & Limited List went into effect, and Duelists all over are reacting differently to it. Decks that some Duelists thought were hurt by the list, other Duelists think were helped by it. I asked a bunch of this weekend’s Duelists “Which Deck do you think benefited the most from the March 2011 Forbidden & Limited List?”. Check out their responses!

“I think the anti-monster Decks were helped the most, because the List helped break up the meta Decks.” –Robert Johnson

“Probably the Hero Deck. Nothing got hit in it.” –Jessy Samek

“I’d have to go with Sabers. Book of Moon being put to 1 makes them free to Synchro off and make bigger pushes.” –Wes Sautter

“Six Samurais. They didn’t need Gateway to win, and Book of Moon to 1 makes their plays easier.” –Brandon Darughon

“X-Sabers. Absolutely X-Sabers. They got nothing touched.” –Michael Updike

“I would say Infernities. Book of Moon went to 1 and Cold Wave got Forbidden, and those were some of the biggest threats for Infernities. Getting those out of the picture really helped them.” –Christopher Ryan Miles

“I like Dragunities. Book of Moon used to hurt Dragunities.” –Tim Benefield

“Blackwings. It made it harder to play, which means you have to think harder.” –Colby King

“Gadgets. It was the only Deck that didn’t get hit, and a lot of other Decks did get hit.” –Robbie Vissa

“Anti-meta. They run a lot of back row control cards, and now Cold Wave is Forbidden.” –Shane Crosby

“Anti-meta. Cold Wave is gone and lots of Decks lost power.” –Dylan DeBole