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Round 4: Fusionist Jerry Wang Versus Honorable Dakota Vandawalker

March 19th, 2011

Miracle Geminis are emerging as 1 of the most successful Decks of the tournament here in Round 4, placing many Duelists at the top tables thus far.  The combination of deft Synchro hate; big Level 4 monsters; and big Fusion Monsters is proving to be a successful combo, and has taken YCS winner Jerry Wang to his current spot at Table 6 in today’s main event.

His opponent this round is local fourteen year-old Dakota Vandawalker, from right here in North Carolina.  Vandawalker is 1 of the top-ranked Samurai Duelists in the tournament, playing an explosive build that focuses on consistency more than bells and whistles.  Vandawalker may be young, but he clearly knows this Deck inside out.

Wang had a hand of Honest; Pot of Duality; 2 Gemini Spark; Dark Bribe; and Hero Blast.  Duality got him Elemental Hero Neos Alius, which he chose over Mirror Force and Dimensional Prison.   He Set Blast, Spark, and Bribe, then Summoned Neos Alius.

Vandawalker opened with 2 Six Samurai United, and Normal Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki.  He activated its effect, and Wang Chained Gemini Spark to Tribute his Neos Alius and destroy 1 of the Uniteds.  Wang drew another Pot of Duality for Spark’s effect, and when Vandawalker Special Summoned Kagemusha of the Six Samurai, Wang destroyed it with Hero Blast.  United got Vandawalker 2 draws, and he attacked directly with Kageki. (Gemini Spark Tributes 1 of your Level 4 Gemini monsters to destroy a card on the field and draw 1 card. Hero Blast returns a Normal Monster “Elemental Hero” from your Graveyard to your hand, then destroys 1 face-up monster with equal or less ATK.)

Wang drew another Neos Alius and used his Pot of Duality to get Dark Hole.  He Summoned Neos Alius and attacked over Kageki, Setting his second Spark.

Two Shien’s Smoke Signals got Vandawalker another Kageki and Kagemusha, and he activated Upstart Goblin to draw another card.  He Summoned Kageki, activated its effect, and Special Sumoned Kagemusha and Wang destroyed Kagemusha with Gemini Spark.  He drew E – Emergency Call.  Walker Special Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, and made 2 direct attacks.  He ended with 2 cards in hand.

Wang drew Miracle Fusion.  He cleared the field with Dark Hole and used E – Emergency Call to get Elemental Hero Stratos.  He Summoned it, and used its effect to get Elemental Hero Ocean from his Deck.  Stratos attacked for 1800 Battle Damage, dropping Vandawalker to 4500 Life Points.

Vandawalker used his third Smoke Signal, this time getting Spirit of the Six Samurai from his Deck.  He Normal Summoned it, Special Summoned another Kizan, and attached Spirit to Kizan.  Kizan attacked over Stratos and Vandawalker drew and Set a card. (Spirit of the Six Samurai is a Union monster. If you equip it to a “Six Samurai” monster, that monster gains 500 ATK and you get to draw a card when it destroys a monster in battle.)

Wang drew Cyber Dragon.  He Special Summoned it, then activated Miracle Fusion, removing Stratos and Alius to Fusion Summon a 3200 ATK Elemental Hero The Shining!  He Normal Summoned Alius, attacked over Kizan with The Shining to destroy Spirit, and attacked again with Alius – Honest ended the Duel in the Damage Step! (Miracle Fusion lets you fuse an Elemental Hero Fusion Monster using materials on your field and in the Graveyard.)

Dakota Vandawalker has a tough time drawing any defensive cards, and Jerry Wang leans on him fast and hard to take the Duel with Elemental Hero The Shining! Gemini Sparks and Hero Blast rule the early game for Wang.


Vandawalker started the second Duel with Shien’s Smoke Signal, getting Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki from his Deck.  He activated Six Samurai United, then Normal Summoned Kageki and Special Summoned Kagemusha: United got him 2 draws.  He activated another United and Synchro Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En, Setting 3 cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone!

Wang had E – Emergency Call; Gemini Spark; Chain Disappearance; Elemental Hero Neos Alius; Thunder King Rai-Oh; and Crusader of Endymion.  Emergency Call got him Elemental Hero Stratos, and Vandawalker negated its Summon with Solemn Warning.  Wang Set Chain Disappearance and Gemini Spark.

Vandawalker Special Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan, and got another 2 draws with his second United.  He Special Summoned another Kizan and attacked with all 3 of his monsters to drop Wang to 1300 Life Points.

Wang drew Miracle Fusion.  He Summoned Neos Alius, Tributed it for Gemini Spark, and targeted Vandawalker’s Set Mystical Space Typhoon: Vandawalker Chained it, destroying Wang’s Set Chain Disappearance.  Wang drew for Gemini Spark, but when he tried to activate Miracle Fusion Vandawalker shut him down with Solemn Judgment!  Wang conceded.

The second Duel ends in mere moments, as Dakota Vandawalker opens with an incredible turn 1!  “Opening with Shi En possible in both games,” laughed Wang.  “I can’t stop all of them!”
Wang started the last Duel with a hand of Monster Reborn; Chain Disappearance; Royal Oppression; Mystical Space Typhoon; Gozen Match; and Gemini Spark.  He Set half his hand.

Vandawalker Set a monster and Set 3 cards to his back row.

Wang drew another non-monster and Set it.

Vandawalker passed.

Still no monster for Wang, who set a fifth Spell or Trap.

Vandawalker activated Gateway of the Six.  He Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki, activated its effect, and Wang Chained Royal Oppression: Vandawalker negated and destroyed it with Musakani Magatama, and Special Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan.  Wang responded with Torrential Tribute!  “That’s unfortunate,” remarked Vandawalker.  He had no response, and Wang destroyed his Gateway with Mystical Space Typhoon!

Wang drew and Set another Spell or Trap.

Vandawalker passed.

Wang drew and activated Pot of Duality, finally seeing a monster: Elemental Hero Neos Alius.  He took it and Summoned it, attacking for 1900 Battle Damage.  He Set a fifth spell or Trap.

Vandawalker activated Smashing Ground, and Wang Chained Gemini Spark, Tributing Neos Alius and destroying Vandawalker’s Set Royal Oppression.  He drew E – Emergency Call.  Vandawalker Summoned a Kizan for a direct attack, and Wang dropped to 5400 Life Points.

Wang used Emergency Call to get Elemental Hero Stratos from his Deck, and he Summoned it to get another Alius from his Deck.  Wang now had 3 cards in hand, plus 4 cards Set in his Spell and Trap Card Zone and Elemental Hero Stratos in face-up Attack Position.  Vandawalker had no hand; 2 Set cards in his back row; and Kizan.  Wang pressed with Monster Reborn, bringing back Neos Alius.  Alius attacked over Kizan, and Stratos made a direct attack.  Wang Set a fifth Spell or Trap again.

Vandawalker activated Double-Edged Sword Technique and targeted the 2 Kizans in his Graveyard: they hit the field.  He then Special Summoned Grandmaster of the Six Samurai, and Wang responded by Tributig Neos Alius for Gemini Spark.  Spark targeted Vandawalker’s Trap Stun; he Chained it; and Wang Chained Dark Bribe.  Vandawalker drew for Dark Bribe, and Wang drew Book of Moon with Spark.  Vandawalker revealed that he’d drawn Solemn Judgment – no help – and offered the handshake!

Jerry Wang moves on with a 4-0 record, playing out of a long drought of monsters in the third Duel to take the Match!