Round Five Top Tables Update

March 19th, 2011

As we approach Round 5, it’s a great time to take a look at the top tables.  All the Duelists at these tables were undefeated with 4-0 records headed into their fifth of nine Matches today.  The field is hugely diverse, but Gravekeepers have outperformed the expectations of most competitors:

Table 1:
Marc Hahn with Gravekeepers
Nicky Lacaille with Fish

Table 2:
Nicholas Newberry with X-Sabers
Kevin Daly with Machina Gadgets

Table 3:
Fracisco Rome Black Salvo Chaos
Thomas Luebke with Karakuri Machina Plant

Table 4:
David Everett with Gravekeepers
Johnathan Harrison with Lightsworn

Table 5:
Daryl Gessler with Gravekeepers
Jeff Jones with Nordics

Table 6:
Thanh Nguyen with Dragunities
Joshua Dickerson with Gladiator Beasts

Table 7:
Sean Coovert with Six Samurai
Patrick Schmidt with Dragunities

Table 8:
Johnson Cleveland with Gravekeepers
Evan Philbeck with Gravekeepers

Table 9:
Andrew Salazar with Gravekeepers
Nizar Sarhan with Six Samurai

Table 10:
Joseph Davis with Gravekeepers
Wesley Johnson with X-Sabers

Here’s the Deck breakdown of the top 10 tables at this time:

Gravekeepers:   7
X-Sabers: 2
Dragunities: 2
Six Samurai: 2
Gladiator Beasts: 1
Lightsworn: 1
Gadgets: 1
Fish: 1
Salvo Chaos: 1
Karakuri Machina Plant: 1
Nordics: 1

While many Duelists considered Dragunities, X-Sabers, Six Samurai, and Gravekeepers to be the big four “Decks to beat” this weekend, the success of Gravekeepers at this point is surprising.  Whether or not these numbers will hold out into Day 2 remains up in the air, but in the mean time, the most interesting information presented here may be the Decks that each have a single slot in the top 10 tables.  Most of these Decks are strategies we’ve seen before, but Karakuri Machina Plant and Nordic Double Aesir are both quite new, and are holding their own amongst the field of established strategies.  Again, all of the above-listed Decks are undefeated headed into Round 5.

Lots of information to process, and we’re just halfway through Day 1!  Stick with us for the remaining half of the competition today, as we work through 11 Rounds of Swiss competition before the Top 32 cut tomorrow!