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YCS Dallas Card Tech – By the Numbers

March 19th, 2011

Following trends in individual cards sometimes makes it easier to predict which cards an opponent may use against you. Check out the latest numbers from YCS Dallas!

Pot of Duality

Pot of Duality saw a significant decrease in play from YCS Atlanta to YCS Dallas. In Atlanta, over 36% of the Duelists in the competition played Pot of Duality, while in Dallas, less than 22% of the field used Pot of Duality in their Decks. This drastic decrease in popularity is most likely the result of the increased popularity of Six Samurais. Most Six Samurai Decks didn’t run Pot of Duality, instead choosing to draw cards with Upstart Goblin and Special Summon monsters that same turn.

Mystical Space Typhoon

As predicted by many Duelists, the usage of Mystical Space Typhoon at YCS Dallas skyrocketed from its use in Atlanta. Over 75% of the Duelists who entered the competition in Dallas Main Decked at least 1 copy of Mystical Space Typhoon, with over 61% of those Duelists running the maximum 2 copies!

This increase from the 55% of Duelists running Mystical Space Typhoon in Atlanta is undoubtedly the result of the Gravekeeper’s triumph that took place at YCS Atlanta, and the result of Duelists anticipating the success of Six Samurais. Duelists hoping to destroy copies of Necrovalley, Gateway of the Six, and Six Samurai United before they become a problem looked to Mystical Space Typhoon as the obvious solution.

Trap Stun

Offsetting the increased popularity of Mystical Space Typhoon in Dallas was the decreased popularity of Trap Stun. Less than 9% of the Duelists in Dallas Main Decked any copies of Trap Stun, with more than half of those Duelists running just a single copy. This is a drastic decline from the nearly 23% of Duelists who used Trap Stun in Atlanta, hoping for it to clear the way for big plays. Many Duelists in Dallas were faced with the decision to run Mystical Space Typhoon or Trap Stun, only able to fit one of them in their Decks, and decided that Mystical Space Typhoon was the better choice because of its ability to destroy Continuous and Field Spell Cards.

With Cold Wave now Forbidden, many Duelists may resort to Trap Stun as the most effective way to pin down an opponent’s defensive Trap Cards. Consequently, we may see a drastic rise in the popularity of Trap Stun this weekend. The recent Limitation on Book of Moon makes Trap Stun even stronger, since there are now fewer Quick-Play Spells that can disrupt a play that’s executed under the protection of Trap Stun.

Effect Veiler

Many Duelists may use Effect Veiler this weekend to replace their missing copies of Book of Moon. Approximately 12% of the field in Dallas ran at least 1 copy of Effect Veiler in their Main Decks, but only 2 copies total made it into the Top 32.

With Book of Moon now Limited, Effect Veiler is one of the most effective remaining ways to stop big plays that opponents make after activating Trap Stun. Consequently, we’re likely to see a big increase in popularity for Effect Veiler this weekend.

Forbidden Lance

Forbidden Lance is another card that’s likely to see increased play this weekend. Less than 2% of the Duelists in Dallas ran Forbidden Lance in their Main Decks, mostly using it in Gladiator Beast and X-Saber Decks.

But with Quick-Play Spell Cards gaining popularity this weekend, especially since they can be activated while Trap Stun and Royal Decree are active, we’re likely to see Forbidden Lance used in all sorts of Decks.

The change of format that took place on March 1st, 2011 leaves a lot of future card choices uncertain. Stay with us to see which cards rise to the top tables of YCS Charlotte!