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QQ: Favorite Extreme Victory world premiere card?

April 9th, 2011

QQ stands for Quick Questions! We’ve seen some exciting Extreme Victory previews at the Konami Strategy Site over these past few weeks, showing off the effects of a lot of powerful cards. Reborn Tengu, Gladiator Taming, Full House, Mara of the Nordic Alfar, and Psychic Shockwave were all revealed recently, and Duelists all over the tournament hall are talking about them. I asked a bunch of this weekend’s competitors which Extreme Victory World Premiere Card that has been revealed so far is their favorite. Check out their responses!

Psychic Shockwave. It’s gonna be hilarious. They activate a Trap and you just bring out Jinzo. Game over!” – Brendan Jines

Reborn Tengu. It’s probably the best card like that since Sangan or Witch of the Black Forest.” – Daniel LaMartina

Psychic Shockwave. If the opponent activates Compulsory or Dimensional Prison, you just activate that and Jinzo will negate it. It’s like a permanent Trap Stun.” – Dylan Houghtling

Reborn Tengu. It makes so many plays!” – Eric Granados

Mara of the Nordic Alfar. It gives Nordics a big push to Synchro a lot faster.” – Mike Witt

Psychic Shockwave. The card is boss. ‘Nuff said.” – Conner Morgan

Gladiator Taming. You can use Monster Reborn and that card to make Gyzarus, or use it in a mirror-match to steal their monster and tag.” – Sean Nguyen

Reborn Tengu. It supports Monarchs and Naturias.” – Raffee Cordero

Psychic Shockwave. I have Pharaoh’s Servant Jinzos waiting to be abused.” – Bob Hwang

Reborn Tengu. It’s Synchro fodder.” – Carlos Gonzalez

Reborn Tengu and Psychic Shockwave were the overwhelming favorites among the Duelists surveyed. These cards and many more are likely to have a huge impact on the tournament scene after they become available at the Extreme Victory Sneak Peek on April 30th and May 1st!

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