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QQ: Who Benefits Most from Trishula?

April 9th, 2011

Speaking of Trishula…

We’re less than a week and a half away from the release of Hidden Arsenal 4: Trishula’s Triumph, and Duelists are eager to get their hands on the new Level 9 Synchro Monster, Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier, so that they can throw it into their Extra Decks.

Trishula is a powerful 2700 ATK Dragon that removes a card from your opponent’s hand, field, AND Graveyard when it’s Synchro Summoned. But which Deck can Summon this Level 9 behemoth most easily, to take advantage of this incredible effect? I surveyed some of this weekend’s competitors to find out. Check out their answers!

“Plant Synchro. They have the ability to make a lot of low Level monsters and low Level Tuners so they can make it the easiest. There are so many different variations that make Trishula!” – Aldo Rincon

“Doppelplants. They have so many different ways to make it, it’s ridiculous!” – Conner Morgan

“Probably X-Sabers or Plants. Plants have all the Tokens and Level 1s to make any Level you want. X-Sabers can Tune Hamster with Darksoul and Pashuul.” – Daniel LaMartina

“Six Samurais, because they’re able to Summon it first turn with Kageki, Kagemusha, and Kizan.” – Dylan Houghtling

“Chaos Plants. They spam Tokens and then Summon Debris. Foolish Burial, Debris, Trishula!” – Eric Granados

“Infernities.” – Ricardo Rangel

“Plants. Debris Dragon with Dandylion and Doppelwarrior makes you unstoppable!” – Brendan Jines

“Six Samurai. It makes your Double Edged Sword Technique more effective.” – Nake Dhillon

“Nordics. Mara of the Nordic Alfar with Garmr of the Nordic Beasts and either the white or black goat makes Trishula. Vanadis as a Level 3 monster with the 2 goats works too.” – Mike Witt

“Infernities. They make Level 9s easily.” –Raffee Cordero

Opinions are mixed about which Deck will be able to make the best use of Trishula, but Plants seem to be the majority favorite. When Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier finally hits the tournament scene, we’ll be able to see first-hand which Deck Summons it most easily!

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