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QQ: Your Favorite Defensive Card?

April 9th, 2011

A big part of Dueling is defense and disruption. If you can throw down a big field on turn 1, then protect it and build on it, you can dictate the pace of a Duel and often engineer a win. But even the biggest openings can be torn apart if they aren’t properly defended. We took to the tournament floor to ask Duelists in competition today: “What’s your favorite defensive card?”

Battle Fader. Six Sams are running rampant right now, and it shuts down swarm capabilities.” – Russ Parry

“Probably has to beee… Right now, Book of Moon. It’s really versatile. It can be offensive, defensive, against everything really.” – Carlos Ruiz

Gladiator Beast Hoplomus. Cause they attack into it, and I Murmillo.” – Douglas Wilson

Gravekeeper’s Spy. I like how it can turn into so many different plays, and it has realy high DEF. 1900 ATK monsters are running around alot, so 2000 DEF is a nice number.” – Arin Aerasturi

“Probably just Sangan. I like being able to block an attack and search a card. Most of my most useful monsters are less than 1500 ATK. I play Blackwings and Gravekeepers.” – Alberto Lopez

Mirror Force. Destroying multiple monsters with 1 card is really good.” – Danny Linares

“I’d probably say… Battle Fader.” – Christin Davis

Big Shield Gardna! Games 2 and 3, obviously! It comes in from the Side Deck, and Gemini Spark is useless against it. I’m using it today, because people side in Nobleman of Crossout.” – Tomas Mijares

Dimensional Prison – it gets rid of Stardust Dragon, which is just 1 of the biggest Synchros in the game right now. Nobody ever expects Prison even though everybody plays it.” – Donovan Smith

“This recently worked: Grave of the Super-Ancient Organism! I ran it against X-Sabers.” – Claro Runtal