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Round 6 Feature Match: Honorable David Li vs. Honorable Michael Perrelli

April 9th, 2011

Michael Perrelli hails from Santa Clarita, while David Li traveled here this weekend from San Francisco. Both of these Californians are undefeated here today with slightly different builds of Six Samurai, so we’re in for a Six Samurai mirror match!

Perrelli opened the Match with a Set monster, and Set 4 cards to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Li had a hand of Effect Veiler; Mirror Force; Mystical Space Typhoon; Solemn Warning; Musakani Magatama; and Book of Moon. He Set 3 cards to his back row.

Perrelli Set another Spell or Trap.

Li drew and Set Compulsory Evacuation Device. Perrelli destroyed it with Mystical Space Typhoon in the End Phase.

Perrelli Flip Summoned Morphing Jar! Li discarded Effect Veiler to negate the Jar’s effect, and Li Normal Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Mizuho. Morphing Jar made a direct attack, and Mizuho struck for 1600 Battle Damage.

Li drew Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan. He Set a Spell or Trap, then tried to Summon Kizan, losing it to Solemn Warning. He Set his last card to his back row to finish out.

Perrelli got Kagemusha of the Six Samurai from his Deck with Shien’s Smoke Signal next turn, then Summoned it. He Special Summoned Kizan, then Tributed Kizan to destroy Li’s Set Magatama. Perrelli then Tuned Kagemusha to Mizuho for Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En, and Li negated the Summon with Solemn Warning. Perrelli pressed forward, bringing back Kagemusha and Mizuho with Double-Edged Sword Technique. Li turned Kagemusha face-down with Book of Moon. Mizuho attacked, Li flipped Mirror Force, and Perrelli negated it with Musakani Magatama! Mizuho and Morphing Jar both made direct attacks, and Perrelli ended his turn, losing Mizuho to Sword Technique’s effect. The Duel stood at 4400 Life Points to 1400, with Perrelli leading.

Li drew another Warning. He Set it and ended.

Perrelli attacked with Morphing Jar, dropping Li to 700 Life Points.

Li drew Shien’s Smoke Signal. He activated it, getting Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki and Setting it.

Perrelli drew his own Smoke Signal! He used his to get a Kageki as well, and Normal Summoned it. He Flip Summoned Kagemusha, and Li flipped Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy his opponent’s Mind Crush. Perrelli Synchro Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En, attacked with it to destroy Li’s Kageki, and then attacked with Morphing Jar for the win!

David Li just can’t seem to draw any monsters, and Michael Perrelli makes short work of him with Legendary Six Samurai – Mizuho. Hopefully luck would treat Li a little bit better in the second Duel.

Honorable Michael Pirrelli

Li opened with a hand of Monster Reborn; Royal Oppression; Solemn Warning; 2 Caius the Shadow Monarch; and Six Samurai United. He Set everything to his back row, except for holding his 2 copies of Caius.

Perrelli activated Six Samurai United and tried to Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Kizan. Li negated the Summon. Perrelli Set a card to his back row.

Li drew Effect Veiler, and activated his own Six Samurai United. He Special Summoned Kizan with Monster Reborn, attacked for 1800 Battle Damage, then Tributed it for Caius to remove Perrelli’s United form the game. He sent his own to the Graveyard to draw Shien’s Smoke Signal, and then Set it.

Perrelli Summoned Legendary Six Samurai – Kageki next turn. He activated its effect, but Li Chained Effect Veiler’s effect to negate Kageki’s ability.

Li drew Cyber Dragon. He attacked with Caius, running down Kizan in battle.

Perrelli Set a second Spell or Trap, then Set a monster.

Li drew Musakani Magatama and attacked with Caius, destroying Perrelli’s face-down Effect Veiler. He Set another card.

Perrelli Normal Summoned another Kageki, activated its effect, and Li responded with Royal Oppression. With Kageki on the field Perrelli was free to Chain Musakani Magatama to destroy Oppression and negate its effect. With Oppression destroyed, he was free to Synchro Summon Legendary Six Samurai – Shi En and attack over Caius.

Li activated Shien’s Smoke Signal to get Hand of the Six Samurai from his Deck. He Special Summoned Cyber Dragon and activated Mystical Space Typhoon. However, Perrelli negated it with Shi En’s effect. Li Tributed his Cyber Dragon for another Caius, but Perrelli negated the Summon with Solemn Warning, his last set card!

Perrelli Normal Summoned Kinetic Soldier, then made direct attacks with the Soldier and Shi En.

Li drew Six Samurai United and activated it. He Summoned Hand, then drew a card by sending United to the Graveyard – and got Kizan! He Special Summoned it, then Tributed Hand to destroy Shi En.

Perrelli still had Kinetic Soldier, and next turn he used Mystical Space Typhoon to destroy Li’s Set Musakani Magatama. He Normal Summoned Blackwing – Gale the Whirlwind, used its effect to halve Kizan’s ATK and DEF, and then attacked with Kinetic Soldier to end the Duel!

Michael Perrelli takes a swift 2-0 victory in the Samurai mirror Match, and moves on to Round 7 with a 6-0 record!

Honorable David Li