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The Deck List Dilemma (Or: How to avoid giving your opponent a free win.)

April 10th, 2011

As we were waiting for the completion of the Top 16 Deck Checks for the main event YCS tournament, it seemed like a good time to reflect on an unfortunately common problem this weekend: Deck list errors.

Do not let this happen to you!

Over 150 Duelists had a problem at this event because their Deck list was unclear or just plain wrong. A whopping 119 Deck lists required clarification because the list was not written correctly, like missing numbers of cards played or incomplete card names.

A total of 60 penalties had to be issued for Deck list related penalties. And 23 of those were simple mathematical errors, like missing cards in a Duelist’s listed Extra Deck, or the wrong number of cards played in multiples. These things are easy to fix so you can avoid this happening to you.

The penalties are steep: usually a GAME LOSS.

That’s right. If your Deck list does not match your Deck, you can forfeit the first Duel of your next Match. Basically, you hand a free win to your opponent. The tragedy is that Deck list errors are 100% avoidable, but they happen anyway.

And the impact on the tournament doesn’t stop with the person who made the mistake. When Deck list penalties have to be issued, and verifications need to be made, the tournament literally grinds to a screeching halt while those issues are addressed. The entire event stops. The more problems there are, the more time it takes to play out the tournament.

If you’re ever in a tournament and you’re sitting there wondering why things haven’t started, chances are it’s because somebody had a messed-up Deck list that needed fixing.

These errors are easily prevented with a little care:
* If you take the time to write your list and review it for accuracy, you’ll probably never receive a penalty for your Deck list.
* Make sure to give yourself as much time as possible. Don’t write your Deck list at the last minute.
* If you can, prepare a copy of your list the night before. If you change something in your Deck the morning of your tournament, you can always write a new one. But if you don’t, you’ll have your flawless Deck list ready to go, and you’ll be able to focus completely on your Duels.

If you’re thinking “only noobs get Deck list errors” think again. More than 1 player in the Top 16 of this event went into their last round with a Deck list penalty. By giving their opponent a free win, that meant they had to win BOTH of the remaining Duels. (Something none of them were able to do.)

So don’t sabotage yourself! If you put in the effort to build your Deck and hone your skills, don’t throw it all away over little things like a Deck list error. Give yourself time, be careful, and double check everything to ensure your success.

Here’s what our expert(s) had to say:

Erik Mishtar (Modern day pharaoh)

Please, please read this entire article again from top to bottom. No one ever really talks about the importance of turning in a complete and correct Deck list, they just complain when they get hit with a penalty for not doing it. Don’t be one of those people.

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