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Top Tables Update: Round 6

April 9th, 2011

As more and more Rounds are played, the Duelists with the best records ascend the ranks to lower table numbers. The Duelists at Table 1 are often undefeated, and as the table numbers rise, the win/loss of the Duelists seated at them decline. We have passed the halfway mark for Day 1’s competition, so now’s a great time to look at the Decks that are currently competing at the top 10 tables this Round! Here’s what those tables look like…

Table 1:
Austin Kulman with Gravekeepers
Gary Garcia with Gladiator Beasts

Table 2:
Michael Lux with X-Sabers
Timothy Huckey Counter Gadgets

Table 3:
Anthony Pickett with Six Samurai
Johnathan Vazquez-Herrera with Six Samurai

Table 4:
Michael Perrelli with Six Samurai
David Li with Six Samurai

Table 5:
Man Huynh with Gravekeepers
Joseph Chilton with Miracle Gemini

Table 6:
Angel Flores with Anti-Monster
Donovan Smith with Dragunities

Table 7:
Diego Conejo with Six Samurai
Francisco Tapia with Gravekeepers

Table 8:
Adam Corn with X-Sabers
Mario Matheu with Six Samurai

Table 9:
Patrick Hoban with Chaos Plant Synchro
Jonathan Weigle with Gravekeepers

Table 10:
James Wade with Six Samurai
Gabriel Ernesto Vazquez Guerena with Chaos Plant Synchro

The grand total comes to 7 Six Samurai Decks, 4 Gravekeepers, 2 X-Sabers, 2 Chaos Plant Synchro Decks, and 1 Duelist each piloting Dragunities, Anti-Monster, Miracle Gemini, Gadgets, and Gladiator Beasts. Will these numbers hold out for the rest of the weekend? With other Decks like Zombies, Monarchs, and Counter Fairies still nipping at the heels of the top tables, we could see some big upsets on our way to Day 2!

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