Turbo Pack 5 Unveiled!

April 9th, 2011

Get ready to rev up your Duel Runners and head on over to your nearest Official Tournament Store, because Turbo Pack 5 is finally here! Duelists competing in this weekend’s Retro Draft tournaments will be among the first in the world to lay their eyes on these new cards, and they’re sure to be impressed by what they see.

Whenever you participate in a tournament at a Konami Official Tournament Store, you could be eligible to get a free Turbo Pack. Each pack contains 3 cards from a 20-card set. Because they’re only given out at tournaments, Turbo Pack cards can be very rare, and highly desired by Duelists.

Turbo Pack contents are unpredictable, and nobody ever knows what cards will be included when a new set comes out.

Here, revealed for the first time ever, are the contents list of Turbo Pack 5:

Colossal Fighter
Dark Hole

Gladiator Beast Laquari
Snowman Eater
Six Samurai United
Spell-Shattering Arrow
RARES (6):
Puppet Plant
Wulf, Lightsworn Beast
Cyber Eltanin
Torrential Tribute
Escape from the Dark Dimension
Zoma the Spirit

Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands
Abyssal Kingshark
Spirit of the Six Samurai
Black Salvo
Darkness Neosphere
Miracle Fusion
Shield Crush
Seven Tools of the Bandit
Royal Command

Let’s take a closer look at some of the cards we’ve got here…

Colossal Fighter (Ultimate Rare): Previously available as a Super Rare, Rare, and Common, this new Colossal Fighter is more eye-catching than any previous version.

Dark Hole (Ultra Rare): Upgraded rarity for one of the most popular Spell Cards ever. You can intimidate opponents and wipe their fields clear with this golden new Ultra Rare. Dark Hole hasn’t been available as a foil in over 6 years, so this is a great chance for newer players to grab a copy.

Gladiator Beast Laquari (Super Rare): My favorite card in the set! Gladiator Beast Duelists looking to foil out their Gladiator Beast Decks will be happy to see a shine added to their most commonly Summoned Gladiator Beast.

Snowman Eater (Super Rare): This 1900 DEF Flip Effect Monster can now eat your opponent’s monsters with class. And since it’s a WATER monster, it works well with the Spell Card that’s sure to be the most popular Common in Turbo Pack 5: Miracle Fusion!

Six Samurai United (Super Rare): Six Samurai Duelists can rejoice now that one of their most powerful Continuous Spell Cards has been transformed into a Super Rare.

Spell Shattering Arrow (Super Rare): A great choice for destroying Six Samurai United, or any other face-up Spells! It can also take down other popular Spell Cards like Necrovalley and Gateway of the Six.

Puppet Plant (Rare): This has recently become one of the most popular cards to include in a Side Deck. Many Duelists have been hoarding copies of Puppet Plant because of its ability to turn the tide of a Duel by taking control of a Samurai or Gravekeeper monster. Now that it’s reprinted, it will be much easier for players to acquire copies of Puppet Plant for all of their Side Decks.

Wulf, Lightsworn Beast (Rare): A key card for Lightsworn Decks. Lightsworn are still alive and kicking, and are still making the top tables at events.

Cyber Eltanin (Rare): Previously only available as promo cards from SHONEN JUMP Magazine, which is only distributed in the United States and Canada. Because Cyber Eltanin is in Turbo Pack 5, it is now making its debut throughout Europe and Latin America! This means that European and Latin American Duelists can start using these 2 cards in tournaments for the first time upon the release of Turbo Pack 5 in Europe & Latin America in the next couple of weeks.

Torrential Tribute (Rare): A long-time favorite, this field-wiping Trap Card is available for new players to grab. Also good for Duelists who have multiple Decks – now you won’t have to swap your 1 copy from Deck to Deck!

Zoma the Spirit (Rare): Another Trap Monster to go with the Tiki Trap Monsters from Storm of Ragnarok.

Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands (Common): Another key card that hasn’t been available in years, Manju can add 1 Ritual Spell or Ritual Monster Card from your Deck to your hand when Summoned.

Abyssal Kingshark (Common): Previously only available as a Secret Rare in Tactical Evolution, this Fish could see some renewed interest with the recent wave of Coelacanth Decks that have been doing well in events.

Black Salvo (Common): A versatile card that keeps finding its way in all sorts of combo Decks.

Darkness Neosphere (Common): Another SHONEN JUMP Magazine promo card, which will now be legal in Europe and Latin America once Turbo Pack 5 is released there.

Miracle Fusion (Common): Almost certain to be one of the most popular Commons from the set. This is an old card that has become exceedingly difficult to find. With the rising popularity of Elemental Hero Absolute Zero and the recent release of Elemental Hero The Shining, now is the perfect time for its reprint.

Shield Crush (Common): Perfect for dealing with the rising presence of Spirit Reaper and Gravekeeper’s Spy on the tournament scene

Seven Tools of the Bandit (Common): This card has been seeing an increase in play ever since Heavy Storm was Forbidden.

Royal Command (Common): This Continuous Trap Card negates all Flip Effects, so it’s useful against cards like Gravekeeper’s Spy and Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter.

Turbo Pack 5 is filled with desirable Foils, Commons, and Rares, for Duelists of all experience levels! Duelists looking to upgrade the rarities of their cards, and Duelists looking to strengthen the power of their Decks, will both find what they want in this new Turbo Pack.

The best thing about Turbo Packs is that you get them for playing in tournaments, which is something you love to do anyway! So hustle on down to your local Official Tournament Store.