Attack of the Monsters!

May 21st, 2011

Back in Anaheim, Duelists competed in the YCS with a variety of Decks. A couple of brave Duelists used as few as 3 monsters in their Main Decks, while 1 overcautious competitor packed his Deck with 39 monsters! 13 and 14 were overwhelmingly the most popular numbers in the monster line-ups, most likely reflecting the popularity of the low-monster-count Six Samurai and Gravekeeper’s Decks in the tournament.

So what do all of these numbers mean for you, the player? For one thing, it might help you to analyze the odds of an opponent drawing a monster when you’re facing off against a topdecking Six Samurai or Gravekeeper’s Duelist.

But most importantly, these numbers are a reminder that you should come into a tournament prepared. The number of monster cards used in the competitors’ Decks in Anaheim totaled over 25,000! Many of these monsters, like popular cards in specific themes or strong tech choices like Thunder King Rai-Oh, were the same among several Decks, and Duelists ready to take down those monsters had a decisive advantage against the tremendous field of enemy monsters.

When you choose your best 40 card Deck to compete with, get ready to tear down your opponents’ monsters one at a time. To become a YCS winner, you may need to get through over 25,000 of them!