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QQ: What’s your favorite Extreme Victory card?

May 21st, 2011

The newest booster set, Extreme Victory, is popping up everywhere here this morning.  With a mix of new themes and support for older, established Decks, everybody’s got different cards they’re either playing today, or keeping a careful eye on for the future.  With so much discussion about the set here today, we asked a variety of main event competitors: “What’s your favorite card from Extreme Victory?”

Reborn Tengu!  It’s what everyone wished Peten the Dark Clown could’ve been, and just slightly better than Malicious!  And I can run three!”
-Ben Parker

“Obviously Dodger Dragon!  The card’s incredible!”
-Richard Clarke

W Nebula Meteorite!  By itself it can just win you the game, when you start off with it.”
-Alex Reynolds

“I’d say the new Karakuri guy, Ninishi.  It makes the Deck so much more consistent – it’s a Boggart Knight for Karakuris!”
-Jeff Lang

“I think Elder of the Six Samurai is probably the most interesting card in the set.  With Asceticism of the Six Samurai, that’s a really interesting card.  I really like Safe Zone too, though.  ”
-CJ Krause

“I like Scrap Orthros.  I think it gives Scraps more consistency, since you can get Chimera back, like, every turn.”
-Elijah Gersten

Reborn Tengu. Debunk is up there too, but I’m gonna go with Reborn Tengu.  I think it’s a card that, if you’re not planning to play it, you’re not planning to win.  Any Deck that would Synchro Summon or Tribute, outside of Frogs, should be playing it.”
-Alex Vansant

Dodger Dragon, definitely!  There’s a ton of Counter Traps being played right now, while Bottomless Trap Hole isn’t seeing much use.  It really lets my plays go off.”
-Zackery Biscardi

“My favorite card is Safe Zone.  It protects Herald of Perfection.”
-Greg Cohen

Mystic Piper, because it’s versatile and it can fit into a lot of different Decks.  I think there are going to be a lot of different uses for it.”
-Chris Rodriguez