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QQ: Your Trip To The Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series!

May 21st, 2011

Sometimes, the best part of attending a YCS has nothing to do with main event competition.  When Dueling takes you to a world-class city like Orlando, Florida, sometimes the real fun happens off the tournament tables.  Duelists are living it up in the grandeur of the Gaylord Palms Resort Hotel, home to this weekend’s tournament.  Many came earlier in the week, too, taking quick vacations at Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, and other nearby amusement parks. We hit the floor to ask the Duelists in attendance: “What’s your favorite part of the trip this weekend?”

“The hotel itself!  It’s amazing – there’s a waterfall, there’s alligators, there’s mini golf!  It’s great!”
-Jeff Lang

“It’s been one long trip!  I came up with my teammate (Dragon-wielding Duelist extraordinaire Richard Clarke) and his fiancee!  Richard’s my favorite part of the trip so far, I get to hear all the funny stories and be part of them!”
-Ben Parker

“The whole YCS in Orlando, there’s been so much to do!  I’ve done Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Disney!  The Harry Potter ride is awesome!”
-Greg Cohen

“My favorite part so far is the hotel!  I’ve got a lot of friends here, so it’s a lot of fun.”
-Brian Goings

“Just making it to the event and seeing old faces!”
-Richard Clarke

“Definitely the hotel here that’s hosting the tournament!  It’s beautiful.  I’ve taken a bunch of pictures already.”
-Alex Reynolds

“Just seeing people I haven’t seen in forever, and seeing all the new ideas people are running Deck-wise.  I’m really into that stuff.”
-CJ Krause

“Seeing people I only see at YCS’s.  Oh, and this hotel is REALLY nice!”
-Elijah Gersten

“Relaxing in Orlando.  Detroit is not as nice!  The temperature’s nuts this kind of year.  And tanning!”
-Alex Vansant

“I picked up 3 Mystic Pipers!  So far that’s the highlight of my weekend.  I’m gonna build that Exodia Deck!”
-Zackery Biscardi

“Hanging out with my friends that I don’t get to see!  I’m from New York, and they’re all from all parts of the country.”
-Chris Rodriguez