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Round 2: 31st Century Alexander Thomas VS Justin “King” Bunts

May 21st, 2011

The last time we saw Alexander Thomas, he made it to the Top 32 of YCS Anaheim with an innovative build of Six Samurai, featuring Dimensional Fissure and Legendary Six Samurai – Enishi.  Now he’s back, taking aim at another Day 2: this time he’s playing a T.G. Deck!

Thomas’ Deck plays a huge defense with self-replacing T.G. monsters, all of which can get him another T.G. monster from his Deck when they’re destroyed.  Combined with Spirit Reaper, they prevent aggressive Decks from touching him or running him out of cards.  But his opponent this round is Justin Bunts, piloting the 1 Deck Thomas doesn’t want to see: Frog Monarchs.  Caius the Shadow Monarch and Soul Exchange can work around Thomas’ T.G. effects, so this one should be interesting.

Thomas opened the Match with a hand of T.G. Warwolf; 2 Spirit Reaper; T.G. Cyber Magician; Allure of Darkness; and T.G. Striker.  He activated Allure, drawing another Cyber Magician and TGX3-DX2 He removed Spirit Reaper from play to complete Allure’s effect.  He Set a Magician and TGX3.

Bunts Summoned Reborn Tengu and attacked, destroying Cybernetic Magician.  He ended his turn, and Thomas got T.G. Rush Rhino from his Deck with the Magician’s effect.

Thomas Special Summoned T.G. Striker.  That let him Special Summon T.G. Warwolf, and he Normal Summoned T.G. Rush Rhino.  He Tuned Striker to Warwolf to Synchro Summon T.G. Power Gladiator, then activated TGX3-DX2 to shuffle back his 3 monsters from his Graveyard to his Deck.  He drew Pot of Duality and TG1-EM1.  Rush Rhino attacked Reborn Tengu, destroying it.  Bunts Special Summoned another Tengu from his Deck in Defense Position, and Power Gladiator attacked to pierce through Tengu for 1700 Battle Damage.  Bunts Special Summoned his third Tengu.  Thomas Set 3 cards to his back row.  Whatever Bunts brought out, Thomas could take it with TG1-EM1.

Bunts activated Soul Exchange, targeting Power Gladiator, and Thomas was left to wonder what his opponent was running.  “Tengu Monarchs?  Let me think about that.  Okay, I’ll Chain Compulsory Evacuation Device and return Power Gladiator back to my Extra Deck.”  Bunts activated another Soul Exchange!  He targeted Rush Rhino, and Alexander let it go.  Bunts Tributed Rush Rhino for Caius the Shadow Monarch, and removed Thomas’ Set TG1-EM1.

Thomas activated his Set Pot of Duality, revealing 2 T.G. Cyber Magician and Pot of Avarice from the top of his Deck: he took Avarice.  Thomas Set Spirit Reaper.

Bunts Summoned Effect Veiler, Tuning it to Reborn Tengu for Ally of Justice Catastor: it attacked to reveal Reaper, and Reaper survived thanks to its effect.  Bunts ended.

Thomas drew Meklord Emperor Skiel, and Set Cyber Magician.

Bunts Normal Summoned Swap Frog, using its effect to send Treeborn Frog to his Graveyard.  Catastor attacked T.G. Cyber Magician, destroying it, and Bunts returned Swap Frog to his hand.  Thomas used the Magician’s effect to get T.G. Striker from his Deck in the End Phase.  Bunts had 4 cards in hand, with Catastor and Caius on the field.

Thomas drew T.G. Warwolf and Set it.

Bunts Special Summoned Treeborn Frog in Defense Position, and spent a moment looking over his Extra Deck before Normal Summoning another Veiler.  He Tuned it to Treeborn for Formula Synchron, drawing a card.  Catastor attacked to destroy Warwolf, and Bunts discarded Swap Frog to Special Summon another in Main Phase 2.  Thomas Special Summoned T.G. Warwolf, and Bunts sent another Treeborn Frog to the Graveyard.  He Tuned Formula Synchron to Caius, Synchro Summoned Scrap Dragon, and used it to destroy his Swap Frog and Spirit Reaper: with his monster destroyed by an effect, Thomas Special Summoned Meklord Emperor Skiel!  Bunts could do nothing but end his turn, and Thomas searched his Deck for T.G. Rush Rhino.


Thomas drew his second TGX3-DX2, and used Meklord Emperor Skiel’s effect, equipping it with Ally of Justice Catastor and boosting Skiel’s ATK to 4400 ATK!  Thomas switched Warwolf to Attack Position, Normal Summoned Rush Rhino, and attacked with Skiel to destroy Scrap Dragon.  He ended his turn by Setting TGX3-DX2.

Bunt Special Summoned Treeborn Frog, and activated Upstart Goblin to draw a card.  He passed.

Thomas drew Mystical Space Typhoon.  He Normal Summoned T.G. Striker, and Tuned it to Warwolf and Rush Rhino to unleash Trishula, Dragon of the Ice Barrier!  He used Trishula’s effect to remove Treeborn Frog from the game; another Treeborn Frog from Bunt’s Graveyard; and Bunt’s Battle Fader from his hand!  He tried to attack to end the Duel, but Bunt had another Battle Fader to stop the attack!  In Main Phase 2 Thomas shuffled back 2 Warwolfs and Rush Rhino into his Deck with TGX3-DX2, and drew Scrap-Iron Scarecrow and T.G. Cyber Magician.  He Set 2 cards to his back row, and Bunt conceded after seeing his next draw.

Spirit Reaper endures just long enough to keep Alexander Thomas from falling to a strong early Caius play, and when Justin Bunt tries to power through it, Thomas unleashes the power of Meklord Emperor Skiel!  Another win like that would see Thomas advancing with a 2-0 record.

Bunt opened Duel 2 with a Set card to his Spell and Trap Card Zone.

Thomas was holding T.G. Warwolf; TG1-EM1; Pot of Duality; Compulsory Evacuation Device; Sangan; and Solemn Warning.  He activated Duality, revealing another Warwolf, Torrential Tribute, and Meklord Emperor Skiel from the top of his Deck: he added Torrential to his hand.  He Summoned Warwolf, attacked, and Bunt Special summoned Battle Fader.  Thomas then Set 4 cards to his back row.  In the End Phase, he lost his TG1-EM1 to Bunt’s Mystical Space Typhoon.

Bunt Tributed Battle Fader for Caius the Shadow Monarch, but Thomas negated the Summon with Solemn Warning.

Thomas drew another Compulsory Evacuation Device.  He Summoned Sangan, swinging into another Battle Fader.  Thomas Set Compulsory.

Bunt Set a monster, and Set a Spell or Trap.

Thomas drew and Summoned Spirit Reaper.  Sangan attacked to destroy Battle Fader, then destroyed Bunt’s Set Treeborn Frog with an attack from Warwolf.  Reaper made a direct hit, and Bunt had to discard his Enemy Controller!  Bunt destroyed Thomas’ Torrential Tribute in the End Phase with another Mystical Space Typhoon.

Bunt Special Summoned Treeborn Frog, but Thomas kicked it back to his hand with Compulsory Evacuation Device.  Bunt Set a monster, quite likely the Treeborn.

Thomas drew TGX3-DX2, and Bunt negated Spirit Reaper’s effects with Effect Veiler.  Sangan attacked to destroy Bunt’s Set Treeborn, and Thomas made direct attacks with Reaper and Warwolf.

Bunt Special Summoned Treeborn Frog, and once again saw it returned to his hand with another Compulsory Evacuation Device.  He Set it.

Thomas drew T.G. Striker: he Summoned it and Tuned it to Warwolf for T.G. Power Gladiator, and attacked to press 2200 Battle Damage through Bunt’s Treeborn Frog.  Sangan and Reaper made direct attacks, and Reaper forced Bunt to discard Nobleman of Crossout.

Bunt Special Summoned Treeborn Frog, Normal Summoning Effect Veiler to Synchro Summon Formula Synchron, just desperately trying to draw.  He passed with the Synchron in Defense Position.


Thomas drew T.G. Rush Rhino, and Bunt immediately offered the handshake!  Thomas Alexander takes a 2-0 victory with a T.G. Deck, packing Meklord Emperor Skiel!